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Uveitis - Moonblindness


08-02-2017 Natasha and her horse "Dama"

05-12-17 Kathy and her horse "Splash"

04-25-12 Amy and her horse "Stormy" Plus an update for 01-31-2017!

09-23-2016 Julie and her horse "Bo" with a speedy recovery!

07-17-16 Elaine and her mare from Puerto Rico

07-03-16 Diana and her horse "Rio"

10-28-07 Rebecca and her horse "Milly" - YouTube Video testimonial + 2016 UPDATE!

06-11-16 Lucy and her horse "Johnny"

06-05-16 Suzette and her little pony "Rusty" with a custom Traditional 95% Mask for his ERU

05-23-16 Emily and her horse "Sunny"

04-25-16 Jenny and her horses"Jeb" and "Code"

04-16-16 Marcia and her 30+ Year Old Pony, "Peanut"

12-21-15 Kari and "Colin" the Blind Working Horse

05-26-15 Duchess Sanctuary and their rescue "Dante"

11-12-14 The Haseleys and their horse "Silver"

06-30-14 Janet and her 23 year old horse "Fancy"

03-15-14 Trisha and her horse "Master"

12-28-13 Gail and her horse "Rage" (Before & After Photos - Graphic Warning)

11-10-13 Jennifer and her horse "Hal"

08-17-13 Hanna and her horse "Raffadoodle"

04-23-13 Terri and her horse "Sugarfoot"

01-31-13 13 years later...Kathleen and her pony "Pugsley"

09-23-12 Suzanne, her daughter and their pony "Trixie"

11-27-11 Chyanne and her horse "Chester"  - With an update for 06-17-12 Great action shot!

03-14-12 Amber and her horse "Chico"

12-27-11 Michele and her horse "Thamus" - Corneal Disease Resulting from Uveitis

11-23-11 Deb and her horse "Jumpin' Jack Flash"

09-29-11 Hilltop EC's "George" - Before and After Photos!

07-08-11 Eve and her Horse "Buttons" - Includes Newspaper Article!

05-24-11 Julie and her horse "Monty" 6 Pictures!

04-25-11 Andrea and her horse "Samson the Handsome"

04-04-11 Lisa and her retired race horse "Lily"

09-27-10 Rachel and her horse "Lad"

09-22-10 Amanda and her horse "Cash"

08-06-2010 Kim and her horse "Amira"

05-17-10 Anita and her horse "Benny"

07-20-09 Ruth and her horse "Legend"

05-26-09 UPDATE to 09-11-07 Dee and her horse "Talko"

04-14-09 Carol and her horse "Sonnys"

07-02-08 Sherry and her horse "Tiger"

07-01-08 EWK from McKinney Texas

05-14-08 Nannette and her horse "Newton"

01-25-08 Danielle and her horse "Taz"

10-17-07 Nancy and her horse "Ms Dee" - Update 11-21-07 with new photos!

08-16-07 Donna and her horse "RJ"

05-25-07 Lauren and her horses "Nova" and "Jane"

01-04-07 Georgia and her horse "Jamboree" - Update 09-25-07

09-28-06 Heather and  her horse "Tendo"

09-13-06 Debbie and her horses "Nipper" & "Combo"

11-19-05 Robyn and her horse in Queensland Australia

06-01-05 Linda and her Cheval Canadian Mare

11-11-04 Frances and her horse "Cinnamon"

04-10-04 Andrea & her mare "Mercedes" - Amazing story & 4 year update

09-11-02 Shiela and her mare - Plus recent 2004 update

07-02-02 Redwings Horse Sanctuary & 7 Individual Horse updates

05-10-02 Norma's Update from Canada

09-13-01 Bonita's Horses and Mule

09-10-01 Martine and her mare "Gabby" Plus 1 year later - Update

05-03-01 Elaine and her miniature horse "Bandit"

04-15-01 Jan and her horse "Moses" including 5 additional updates

03-27-01 Pam and her horse "Taproot Spitfire" including update

03-21-01 Carol and her horse "Lord Byron"

03-16-01 Miracle Horse Rescue - Update included

02-01-01 Lorraine and her Appaloosa "Brandy"

11-01-01 Denise and her horse "Love"

10-15-00 Shari and her horse "Count Shom"

09-29-00 Petra and her horse "Soldado"

05-15-00 Debbie and her horse "Missy"

12-21-99 Sue and her horse "Emily" Glaucoma & Uveitis


Headshaking - Photo Sensitivity


04-25-16 Jenny and her horses"Jeb" and "Code"

07-31-13 Plus 06-18-14 Update! Katrina and her horse "Sirus"

05-15-12 Donna and her horse "Jazz"

03-05-12 Cathy and her Andalusian Mare

08-01-10 Jose and "Rugged Cliché" (Royal)

03-13-10 Amanda and her horse "Cash"

04-29-09 Dianne and her horse "Minty"

02-20-09 Danielle and her horse "Majic" from Arizona

05-07-08 Kim and her horse "Ivenhoe"

03-16-03 Betsy and her mare "Rosie"

03-15-02 Carole and her trick horse "Mr. Ed-iquette"

09-16-02 Kathy and her horse "Traveler"

07-05-02 Jill and her horse "Checkers" - Tips using Nylon hose

06-01-02 Krista and her horse "Romeo"

04-29-02 Tom & Alison and their horse "Pilot"

06-01-01 Liz and her horse plus article written for Equestrian Trade News

04-10-01 Jennifer and her horse "Serendipity"

03-16-01 Miracle Horse Rescue - Update included

07-20-00 Jeri and her horse "Amerigo" - Update included

08-01-99 Zora and her horse "Bill"


Eye Ulceration - Eye Cancer


08-03-17 Dr Jennings with horeses "Tony" and "Benjamin"
05-31-16 Allison and her horse "Vannah"

12-19-12 Donna and her horse "Dakota"

05-25-12 Christy and her horse "Bullseye"

01-27-11 Marcella and her horse "Chevy" - Pictures!

05-07-10 Pat and her horse "Kiya" - Eye Cancer Plus 10-01-10 Update with new Pictures!

03-05-08 Jeanette and her horse "Stella"

03-09-01 Pamela's Arab

03-02-01 Becky and her horse "Big John" And update for 02-13-02

10-01-99 Karen and her horse "Tenya"


Eye Injuries & Other Conditions


09-01-14 Jan and her horse "Shady Lady" - Photos!

07-24-14 Lou and her horse "Peko" - Photos!

07-04-12 Stephanie and her horse "Rascal" Guardian Mask with Modified Ear Covers!

01-28-11 Jenniffer and her horse Cowgirl Xpress - Warning, very graphic images!

08-05-09 Strange & Unusual but not an injury - Martha and her little horse "Willow"

09-25-08 Tracey and her horse "Cash" from Florida

10-22-06 Simone and her horse "Bear"


Eye Sensitivities and Prevention


02-13-03 Catherine and her horse "Cali"

10-06-99 Peaches and her horses "Copper" & "Fritos"

Equine Cataracts & Glaucoma


11-02-08 Barb and her horse "Wally" from Vermont

01-21-05 Martha's Miniature horse "Munchkin"



These letters and photos were sent into Guardian Mask from customers like you.  Each sharing their experience with the world to help other horse owners understand the needs of their horse. Thank you for sharing your experiences and helping save our equines.  If you would like to share your experience, email and send images along with your testimonial.  Send images attached to email only in .jpg format please.


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