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Gail & her horse "Rage" - 12-28-2013



There are no words that can express how thankful I have been to have your mask on my horse. He has suffered for 2 long years with very bad Uveitis and Cornea scratches. Some have taken over 3 months to heal. I have used your mask for 2 months now and not one eye injury!!!  2 months ago he was going to be put down due to the repeated eye injuries with no end in sight and they were only becoming to be more frequent and harder to heal. The Guardian Mask literally saved his life.   My horse Rage use to get them back to back and sometimes both eyes at a time. We were even kicked out of 3 barns because no one could deal with helping me care for him (even after paying them) given treatments were to be given every 2 hours around the clock. My vet now has been recommending the mask to all her clients. 

The testimonials helped me extensively to make my decision since I was at a sever loss at that point and having discussions with my vet of putting him down. It destroyed me to do that to a horse that had nothing wrong with him except the eye problems. 

Now, my horse is only allowed to be on the cross ties without the mask on so it can be washed by hand. Otherwise he has to have it on. IF not he goes right for his eyes.


That port you see him with. After 4 weeks he pulled it out himself. If the clinic would have had the mask on him THAT would not have been even an issue. He can get halters off so that goes to show you he is a tricky one. 

Attached you will find some of the hardest eye injuries to heal!  (Warning, graphic photo)


Many regards and thank you again for saving my horses life! There are no words to say thank you enough.


Gail Shand



Thank you for sharing your experience Gail, and for the photos, the difference is amazing, and we especially appreciate the before photos, these really help others a lot! We also appreciate you're sharing the information with your vet, it is so important and Guardian Mask customers have played a vital role in helping us help horses around the world!  Rage looks amazing!


Guardian Mask

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