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We strongly recommended reading each and every page of the compiled information on our website. 


The information we have provided will help you understand your horses needs as well as understand our products.


Our goal is to help save horses lives.



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Custom Masks for Special Needs


Over the years we have had horses with special needs or horses that have needed special customized masks made.   Here are a few that our very talented Seamstress has been able to create.  If you feel that your horse has a special need for a mask, please feel free to contact us by email or by phone - David or Jeanine Eby 512-756-0320 US Central time.


"Cody the Brave 2017"

Cody is a horse that was caught in a fire in South Africa.  

You can learn about Cody's story on facebook, Warning, graphic images of his burns are on the page.

This mask was made with all 95% UV material with extra braid inside the mask to prevent rubbing on the burns.


"Baby Bug - 2017"
Baby Bug 1

Baby Bug 2

Baby Bug 3

Baby Bug 4


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