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We strongly recommended reading each and every page of the compiled information on our website. 


The information we have provided will help you understand your horses needs as well as understand our products.


Our goal is to help save horses lives.



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Equine eye conditions can come in many forms, but the tell tale signs are almost always visible, even when the eyes look completely normal but your horse is displaying what seems to be behavioral problems.   No matter what the condition is, we try to address the most common conditions with articles compiled over time.  

Information & Articles For Common Eye Conditions


Before reading these articles provided as a courtesy, please understand that the Guardian Mask Company is not a veterinary practice nor do we employ a Veterinarian in-house.  We have placed these articles here for horse owners as a courtesy.  Always seek the advice of your veterinarian before trying any products or medications.



Uveitis, Equine Recurrent Uveitis (ERU) or Moonblindness - Warning Graphic Photo

Headshaking or Photo Sensitivity - General Information, Symptoms, Treatment

Equine Cataracts - General Information


Equine Eye Injuries - General Information




If you are interested in contributing an article, or information for others to benefit from, feel free to submit your information to for review.  We appreciate any and all contributions and invite customers, horse owners, trainers, universities and veterinarians, to participate.  If you are going to participate, please note that we can only accept data, papers or information that is written by you, and you are willing to share through our website.


We still need articles on the following subjects:




Eye Cancer


Eye Disease and Susceptibility of Specific Horse Breeds


Using Feed Supplements as part of Treatment for Eye Health


"Samuel" One of the many rescues at HorseWorld Trust in the UK.
Samuel is wearing the Standard Guardian Mask with 95% Sunshades

Photo Courtesy of Emily Mitchard


Click on the horse to see the original photo


Special Credits








"Louis"  (Below) Another of the many rescues at

 HorseWorld Trust in the UK.
Louis is wearing the Standard Guardian Mask with 95% Sunshades

Photo Courtesy of Emily Mitchard


Special Credits



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