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"Arrow" Photo courtesy of Gabriela McAllister



Gabriela McAllister and "Arrow" A very special Mustang

I had spoken about wanting a Guardian Horse Mask for him to protect his eyes due to his recent Uveitis diagnosis. For none horse folks, not much is known about this issue and it causes blindness. There are genetic component causes as well as bacterial/viral component causes suspected.

Letting him go blind was NOT going to happen on my watch.
I worked with him and he has both. His supplements to rebuild his system, fighting his age (21) and compensating for genetics are expensive. The mask was out of my reach.

I hoped somehow it would happen. It did of course. Big smile!!! Arrow has a huge following since his rescue that has been well documented. For those who do not know his story, you can read about it here... 


Animal healer seeks help reuniting mustang with the people who raised him

A kind donor stepped forward allowing me to get the mask! They want to remain anonymous BUT thank you SO MUCH because I know you are reading this. I placed an order immediately and it arrived the other day.

It fits beautifully! He loves it! Once we stepped outside he began POSING with my Mom! At first in the barn, he was like, what the heck is this? But remember, this was a violently abused horse. He was systematically abused for a decade. He was dangerous when he arrived. He has been through a lot. For him to let me put that mask on with Velcro sounds and all... man, he has come a long way to have let go of the trauma. I could not brush him much less touch anywhere without him posturing to launch me like a NASA satellite! (lol) Our friendship took time to build ... consistency and SHOWING him he could really count on me was/is key. It's every day. Even almost three years later, EVERY day.

He started posing when we went outside and he FELT the difference. I cannot ENDORSE this company more. Besides working with me to support your horses immune system to keep the Uveitis at bay, please BUY one of these masks! The horses instantly know it's helpful even one as violently abused as Arrow.

Please check them out on FB and like their page even if your horse does not have Uveitis. This is a product that everyone should know about.

Vee Broman it arrived! It's AMAZING! Please share and please use any photos at will and this post where ever the company would like!

Side Bar: I mentioned his abuse. His PTSD is still alive and well. A delivery truck came while we where in the barn getting ready for him to go back in his stall. The person spoke Spanish. Arrow LOST his mind. He started shaking, posturing, his legs all spread out and he just started panicking, telling me "get me in my stall, get me safe, don't let them get me."


My heart broke. It really broke. I told him I was there and NO ONE was going to lay a hand on him or take him from me. He settled a little but his head was up and he was ready to kick and strike. I just waited in front of the stall and said hello in English, they of course switched gears and Arrow settled but I waited to let them finish their delivery to leave.

My poor boy. Animals have a hard time with traumatic injury or attack much less a decade of systematic abuse and cruelty. Arrow has come a long way. We can touch his feet, groom his (he enjoys it) I can walk behind him and pet him without him recoiling as if I am going to beat him... etc. He's COME A LONG WAY.


Connected Energy ™ LLC Holistic Healing For People & Animals

"Making the health connections for people and pet's physical and emotional well being."


Photo courtesy of Gabriela McAllister

Gabriela McAllister and "Arrow"

Arrow (if I do say so myself!) is just the handsomest horse ever! Lol

Photo courtesy of Gabriela McAllister


“Our preferred choice for equine masks with solar protection is the Guardian Mask”

Dr Powell, Ophthalmology Department, Colorado State University. 2012



Local Newspaper, NY - August 2011

Article by Jill Murphy

Interview with Eve Marx & her horse Buttons!


Clippings courtesy of Eve Marx




Special report - Uveitis - "Your Horse" Magazine June 2005 Issue.


Try an eye mask!

The Guardian Mask can be helpful if your horse has recurrent bouts of uveitis, and it can also help if your horse has other eye illnesses such as glaucoma and eye cancer.
It works by blocking out UV light and protects the eyes from strong sunlight and wind. In the UK, the only distributor of the mask is Eileen Keeling, who’s based in the UK. She says: “My horse Willy has had recurrent uveitis for about five years now in his right eye."
“Since I found out about the mask, Willy has been able to live a normal life, and I’m sure it’s due to the fact that his eye is protected.”

Eileen Keeling

Fore St, Ashton, Helston, Cornwall, TR13 9RN, England -  United Kingdom


Tel: UK 01736 763272 - Email:


04-05-2015 Note - We do have several distributors now in the UK along with Eileen Keeling.  Eileen has been with us the longest!


Guardian Mask Distributors



Special report - Uveitis - "Your Horse" Magazine June 2005 Issue.


Vee's Horse "Copyrite Harmony" Photo by Veta Broman

Harmony is wearing the Lightweight Riding & Racing Mask with 95% Sunshades

John Lyons - Perfect Horse Magazine July 2005


Vee's Horse "Copyrite Harmony" Photo by Veta Broman

Harmony is wearing the Lightweight Riding & Racing Mask with 95% Sunshades


Equus June 2004 Issue 320


Horse is wearing the Standard Guardian Mask with 95% Sunshades

Equestrian Trade News - May Issue 2001

Article by Liz Benwell

Photo Courtesy of Liz Benwell
Liz's horse is wearing the Standard Guardian Mask with 95% Sunshades


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