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We strongly recommended reading each and every page of the compiled information on our website. 


The information we have provided will help you understand your horses needs as well as understand our products.


Our goal is to help save horses lives.



This product is proudly made in the USA




Guardian Mask


Most Common Sizing Standards


Guardian Mask Measurements Other Common Sizes


Up to 8" (Step 1)

Up to 24" (Step 2)

Small Arabian - Welsh Pony

Welsh Pony - Smaller Arabians - Hackney - 12hh - 13hh


Up to 9" (Step 1)

Up to 27" (Step 2)

Paint Horse - Quarter Horse - Thoroughbred - Appaloosa - 14hh - 15/16hh

Extra Large

9 1/2" or above

26 to 32" or above

Clydesdale - Warmblood - Percheron - 15hh - 17hh

Extra Large XX



Extra Full
Clydesdale - Draught - 17hh - 18hh

Miniature Small Small Mini Horse Some Foals
Smaller Miniature Horses

Miniature Large Large Mini Horse Some Foals
Larger Miniature Horses 11hh and under


If your horse is not a standard size, please use the following guideline for measuring.    When you receive the mask, please check the size and fit immediately and contact us if you have issues.



Most horses wear normal head gear, sizing shouldn't be a problem, If your horse has trouble fitting into standard bridles or halters, this guideline is intended to help you measure.  Since it can be difficult to measure a horse, we do understand and can usually determine size by height and breed, feel free to give us a call or email, and we can help you with this process. Some horses have very wide eye sets and some horses have very large jaws.  These are the horses we usually need to double check size on, remember, if you can buy an over the counter bridle or halter, then fit, shouldn't be a problem.


If you need to order a custom mask, please call direct 512.756.0320 US Central Standard Time.

Step 1 - Measure from the very center of your horses right eye lens (pupil), across the forehead to the very center of the left eye lens (pupil).  It is recommended to use a cloth tape measure.



Step 2 - Measure again from the very center of your horses right eye lens (pupil), down and under the throat latch and back up to the very center of the left eye lens (pupil).


Jan's horse "Shady Lady" Above photo

Shady Lady is wearing the Lightweight Riding and Racing

Mask with 95% Sunshades


Please click on the horses to view the original photos

Left Photo Jan's horse "Shady Lady"

Photos Courtesy of Janis Londraville


To read Jan's testimonial please visit her page


Special Credits


"Samuel" One of the many rescues at HorseWorld Trust in the UK.
Samuel is wearing the Standard Guardian Mask with 95% Sunshades

Photo Courtesy of Emily Mitchard


Click on the horse to see the original photo


Special Credits





Step 3 - Measuring height.   We hand manufacture the Guardian Horse Mask products in the USA, and we use "Hands High" or "hh" as our basic horse height measuring method. The easiest way to measure is to purchase an inexpensive horse measuring tape that is found in most tack stores or agriculture shops that have livestock supplies.


Since we do sell our products globally, many countries use metrics for measuring.   Please use the conversion table to calculate the measurement in "Hands High". 


Hands High (HH) Centimeters (CM) Hands High (HH) Centimeters (CM)
10.0 101.60 14.1 144.78
10.1 104.14 14.2 147.32
10.2 106.68 14.3 149.86
10.3 109.22 15.0 152.40
11.0 111.76 15.1 154.94
11.1 114.30 15.2 157.48
11.2 116.84 15.3 160.02
11.3 119.38 16.0 162.56
12.0 121.92 16.1 165.10
12.1 124.46 16.2 167.64
12.2 127.00 16.3 170.18
12.3 129.54 17.0 172.72
13.0 132.08 17.1 175.26
13.1 134.62 17.2 177.80
13.2 137.16 17.3 180.34
13.3 139.70 18.0 182.88
14.0 142.24 18.1 183.89

If you feel that your horse wears a custom size, please include the following information

Breed of horse

(If it is a cross bred horse, please determine which breed he or she resembles most)

Eye to Eye Measurement (Step 1)

Eye under jaw to eye measurement (Step 2)

Height of your horse (Step 3)

Be sure to have this information before calling direct.  

All custom masks must be ordered direct by phone.   US Central time 512.756.0320

If you cannot reach us by phone, please email the same information to All email is responded to within 24 hours.


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