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We strongly recommended reading each and every page of the compiled information on our website. 


The information we have provided will help you understand your horses needs as well as understand our products.


Our goal is to help save horses lives.



This product is proudly made in the USA




Guardian Mask Limited Warrantee


The Guardian Mask is guaranteed against defects in Material and workmanship for 90 days.  Fabric tears due to contact with sharp objects or another animal are not covered.  The Guardian Mask Company will replace or repair at our discretion, any defective mask.  Please send the defective mask and a copy of the original receipt showing date of purchase to the address below.  For your horses safety, the Guardian Mask is designed to separate under extreme pressure where the neck straps attach to the mask.  In some cases, there may be rubbing, you can sew on fleece, mole skin or spandex to alleviate problems.  The Guardian Mask must be worn comfortably and can also be used  under or above a bridle or halter  depending on what is suitable for your horse.

Send defective products along with a copy of the original receipt with date to:

Guardian Mask

107 Lookback

Burnet, Texas 76811


If you have questions or need additional help, please contact Dave or Jeanine direct at 512-756-0320 or email and a representative will assist you with instructions.

Guardian Mask Refund Policy

Please read the sizing chart before you decide on a mask for your horse.  If you place an order and the product does not fit your horse, the buyer will be held responsible.  Guardian will only exchange masks only at the discretion of the owner due to the possibility of contamination from certain eye conditions or diseases. There will be no refunds on products that have been worn or used. Guardian Mask is not responsible for damages done to the products from animal or human abuse or normal wear.   All sales are final.

"Rosie" wearing a Standard Guardian Mask with 95% Sunshades

Photo courtesy of Debbie Muse


Please click on the horse to view the original photo


Special Credits



We recommend visiting your vet if you have any health concerns about your horse

The information we have compiled on this website is to help you understand your horses needs

We are not a veterinary service.

You can visit with veterinarians that are familiar with the products and use them

This information can be located on the Vet Support page

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