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Martha & her Miniature horse "Wonder Willow" - 08-05-2009




Hi there,

I'm not sure who I talked to in the office today when I ordered my replacement eyes for my miniature horse "Wonder Willow".  We did get to talking and I told her all about my mini and how the mask has preserved her eyesight.

Willow was dropped off at my barn (abandoned like a cat) at around 10 months of age.  I Noticed her big bug eyes that were always dark.  I couldn't see her pupils.   I kept a couple of fly masks on her to protect her eyes.  A few months later, my vet was out on a routine visit when I showed her Willow's strange and disturbing eyes.  It turned out that I couldn't distinquish her pupils because her pupils couldn't shut.  They were always wide open - as wide as could possibly be so I can't even tell you what color eyes she has! My vet said it was a matter of time before she would go blind when the sunlight burned out her retina.  So I got her a guardian mask.  I belong to several horse email lists and the guardian mask was highly reguarded.

Fast forward to now.  Willow is 6 years old and drives a cart for pleasure shows and a sulky for in-harness gymkhanas in which she does very well.  She also does very well in showmanship, in-hand trail and in-hand jumping.  Except for the showmanship classes, she keeps her mask on at all times - even when showing.   In her last show she won the in-hand trail and a pole bending class in the cart and high placings in the rest of her classes.

She has her own 4H kid and is loving life.   I do not see any deterioration in her eyesight.  For this I have to credit Guardian mask.  Thank you so much for giving this spunky little mini a chance in being a useful, happy mare.

I've included a few photos of Willow and a very short clip of her jumping 2 feet.

Martha D.

Nokesville Pleasure Driving Show, July 11 and August 15.

Miniature Horse Combined Driving:

Kutzman MINI FEEL-X carriages:
The Hyperbike - best fun in the world!


Greetings Martha


This is such an unusual thing to have happen, you are a very caring individual to have accepted little Willow and given her a chance to live a normal life.   She is obviously happy and productive!   Thank you so much for sharing this unusual experience!


Guardian Mask

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