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Donna & her horse "Jazz" - 05-15-2012


Hi David,


I spoke with you on the phone last night.


This is my 12 year old quarter horse, Jazz. I‘m an avid trail rider and ride every Saturday and Sunday with a group of friends. Jazz developed violent head tossing at the end of summer when he was 10 years old. I first thought that maybe he was becoming very bothered by the flies or he was protesting about something, until a friend remembered reading about some horses being allergic to the sun. After researching on line, I came across your website and realized that Jazz has the classic symptoms of “Photic Headshaking,” so I bought the “Guardian Mask.” The mask has helped his symptoms tremendously, and our rides are much more enjoyable for both of us! Thanks, Guardian Mask!!!


If you would like to post Jazz’s pictures on your website, please feel free….thanks for being there!!


Donna Wenderoth




Hi Donna,


Thank you very much for sharing the pictures and your experience Donna, Jazz sure looks good in his mask!  We're all very happy that Jazz has become stable again and you have your horse back!   It's the perfect time of year to be riding right now, get out there and enjoy!  


Guardian Mask

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