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  Natasha and her horse "Dama" - 08-02-2017





We've been using Guardian Masks since about 2009 for my Andalusian mare, Dama, who suffers from uveitis (she was just 3 years old when she was diagnosed). The Guardian Mask has given her a life that could have been very different. She wears the mask 24/7 with no issues, we never need a vet out for her eyes, we haven't had any issues whatsoever since using them. We live a normal, everyday life.


We've competed in Horseboarding and been as competitive as the other horses competing, been on beach rides, we jump, we do all sorts that any other "normal" horse would do! Although she wears it all day, everyday and we sadly don't see her face unless changing the mask but it has become part of her and we don't take any notice of it.


Dama gets on very well with it, if it's off for too long she seems to look for it and want it back on ASAP! Thank you again for such a fantastic product!!!

Thanks again


Kind regards,

Natasha Wright





Hi Natasha,


We are so pleased you have had a great long run and still going strong with the mask!   I love what you are doing too with the horseboarding and activities, that is just wonderful that Dama is so active!   Thank you so much for sharing your experience, we truly appreciate it!


Guardian Mask

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