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Martine & her horse "Gabby" - 09-10-2001 + Update 08-30-2002






Hello, Sid!

I called you from my car as I was rushing to the vet back in May. We talked about the mask and I had certain questions about using it at night and riding with it on. You were very confident that it was safe, even for jumping. You talked about several clients that jumped with it, even at Grand Prix level. I was skeptical, and replied - "yes, I'm sure some people will try it - but is it WISE to do it? Some people will do anything!"

OK, here it is almost 6 months later, and I finally have pictures to send you showing my horse jumping in the mask. We have been showing over fences all summer!! She has absolutely no vision loss with the mask that I can tell. I have taken her to two shows where we had NO opportunity to warm up over the fences. Both places we had never even been to before! Each time we went in the ring cold, and nailed the jump course on our first round! We even won our very first hunter over fences class!!

Last month I got brave and took her to an open jumper show - our first. We had three perfect rounds, made it to the jump off, and ended up 6th out of 20 entries in our division. (we could have gone somewhat faster - we are really hunters by birth!!)


Each time I have had lots of people staring and asking questions. As we walked out of the ring, I had people ask, "Can that horse see??" and I'd say, "Well, obviously!!" as I held up my ribbon with a huge grin on my face!


I've shown under 3 different judges. Each show I have asked ahead of time for permission to use the mask. They were all very understanding and didn't have any problems with it. One was an AQHA judge and he placed us 1st in an under saddle class. He told me after the show that he wasn't sure if there were actually any rules against it, but it might not be allowed in a recognized AQHA show. But for unrecognized shows, jumpers, and eventing, there should be no rules against it.


Gabby wears her guardian mask whenever I ride her or she is out in daylight. She has a lightweight mesh mask with ears that she wears at night and in the stall. She doesn't seem to have any trouble seeing with the guardian mask at night, but it was getting pretty beat up and dirty and I had to clean it all the time.



It took me a long time to get up the nerve to take her on a trail ride with the mask since we have dense woods and also bright areas. She has always been REALLY spooky and very suspicious of new things. I was prepared for a wild ride, but she was so calm and relaxed. We've been going trail riding at least once a week now, and she hasn't done a real spook yet. I was worried for nothing!


The mask is also great for dusty arenas, keeping hay and sawdust out, and weeds and thorns. This is why she wears hers 24/7. The only downside is rain. I worry that she won't be able to see when it is wet. But I found a solution. When the forecast calls for rain I remove the eyepiece over her "good" eye so she can have unobstructed vision.

She hasn't had any flare-ups since the one in May. I'm not calling her cured, though. Each month that goes by is a victory. She gets her aspirin twice a day and wears her mask, and I'm very careful about not getting anything in her eyes. Things are looking good!!! (no pun intended)

Thanks, Sid, I am a Guardian Mask lover!
Martine Sherrill
and the "MYSTERY HORSE" - Gabby


Update 03-30-2002


Dear Sid,

This is an update on Gabby - to add to our testimonial on showing and jumping:

I've had my Guardian Mask for over a year now and it still is in great shape. I've been taking Gabby to lots of horse shows. She wears her mask during competition and ALL of the judges have been very agreeable and even compliment me on using good sense, and caring enough about my horse to use it at shows.  We had a clean sweep in the hunter over fences division this summer at a show. Here is a picture of us with all of our gold medals and championship ribbons. We won the over fences championship, the under saddle reserve championship, and I was high point rider for the day!

Folks are getting used to seeing Gabby at shows with her mask - I've overheard them saying - "There's the mystery horse again!"  She hasn't had an ERU flare up in over five months. I'm hoping we have the problem licked, or it will continue only in a mild form for years to come.

All the best to you and yours!

Martine Sherrill and Girl Talk King (Gabby)

Bowie, Maryland



Thank you Martine for both the original testimonial and fabulous update one year later and congratulations on your accomplishments with Gabby!

One of the most rewarding benefits of having a product work is being able to help your horse live a productive and normal life and to know there is help.  Best of luck in all your future events with Gabby!




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