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Tracey & her horse "Cash" - 09-25-2008




I just had to write and tell you how wonderful your mask is, without it my horse's eye injury would have NEVER healed!!!  I am certain of that!!!   My beautiful horse Cash unfortunately injured his eye in his stall about 3 weeks ago, he ripped open his lower eye lid, really did a number on it.  Well, my vet of course stitched it up and told me to get a fly mask, put electrical tape on the inside and outside of the mask to cover his eye so that he wouldn't catch the stitches on anything when he tried to rub his eye.  I tried this for several days, his eye continued to get worse and worse!   I decided to search the internet to find out if there might be a special fly mask for horses with eye injuries.......low and behold I found the website for Guardian Mask.  It looked really neat but I thought wow that is expensive and will it REALLY keep him from rubbing his eye???  I decided it couldn't hurt to try because Cash's eye continued to look the same, TERRIBLE!!!


I got the mask and right away I was impressed.  All I can say is from that day forward Cash's eye began to heal.  Each time I checked his eye it looked better than the time before.  The day his stitches were removed I thought well tomorrow I can put a regular fly mask on him because he is all better....WRONG!!!!   Don't know what I was thinking????   Boy was that a HUGE mistake!!!!  


Just one afternoon without the guardian mask on and his eye looked like it did two days after the injury!!!!   Since that day I have kept the mask on him because it is still healing and with this mask his eye is safe from him rubbing and scratching it.   I truly can not say enough about this fly mask.  The quality is outstanding and it was definitely worth the money I paid for it and then some!!!   I also need to mention how lightning fast I received the mask!!!  I  called  a few days after receiving the mask to thank them for sending it to me so quickly and to let them know I was more than thrilled with my purchase!!! 


I thank you and most of all my beautiful boy Cash thanks you!!!!  I give the Guardian Mask a "10" all the way!!!!


Tracey Zyniecki

Trinity, Florida




Thank you Tracey, for sharing your experience.  We are so happy that you are also learning with Cash!  Keep up the great work with Cash, he is very lucky to have you!


Guardian Mask

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