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Jennifer & her horse "Cowgirl Xpress - 01-28-2011



Our yearling filly injured her right eye very seriously shortly after she starting training. The injury get serious very quickly and drastic measures had to be taken to save the eye. There was complete ulceration of the eye so our options were very limited.

Along with veterinary treatment I chose the Guardian Mask to protect the eye over other masks for several reasons. The distance of the eye opening from the eye, the breathability, the UV protection, the adjustability and its ease of care.

It has been over two months now and the outside of the eye is almost completely healed so the inside can begin to heal. We have saved the eye, will she see again, i believe she has some vision now  Only time will tell the complete story. 

Thanks Guardian mask for being there, without it I don't know if we would be where we are in healing!

Her name is Cowgirl Xpress and she will be racing in the not to distant future!

Jenniffer Zieger


Wow Jenniffer, this is an amazing experience you and your horse have gone through.  Thank you so much for not just sharing your experience but also sharing the pictures.  It isn't too often we receive before and after pictures like these, they definitely show the positive progression in the healing.   Wonderful job of saving your horses eye, we are elated to know this!  Feel free to further update us as well, we look forward to perhaps a picture of this beautiful girl in the winners circle!


Thank you for sharing!


Guardian Mask

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