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November 2, 2008 Barb and her horse Wally



My horse, Wally, and I would like to thank you for a great product. Wally is an 8 year old chestnut Hanoverian gelding. I have owned him since he was a year old. When he was four, a woman was looking at purchasing him. Everything looked great and I had all sorts of ideas about what I was going to do with the money! Well, wouldn't you know, but the vet check revealed a small but significant cataract in his right eye. This was a deal breaker on the purchase, because the client was concerned that she would not be able to re-sell him with this defect. I was heartbroken, yet at the same time, a little happy once I realized that I could continue training him. Wally is a very talented boy, with lots of friendliness and energy, so he has presented some challenges along the way. However, we still had this eye issue to deal with and eventually I still would like to have the option to sell him.

I did research on line to see if I could find out how this cataract occurred. I found the guardian mask website and spoke with the owner who was very knowledgeable about eye issues. My best guess was that Wally either had a mild case of uveitis, or had injured himself (he was always coming in from the field bleeding from some sort of self inflicted head or leg wounds) and that an injury had some how damaged his eye slightly and this was a remaining scar.

I ordered the guardian mask, because I had to try something to keep his eye from getting worse. I did not want to risk him losing his sight, if that was even a remote possibility. That was four years ago. I have to replace the mask every 6 months to a year, because his playmates sometimes rip it off and then he throws it around and wears it out completely. Since I have had him wearing the mask, he has had no uveitis incidents. He does have some mild headshaking symptoms in the summer, if he is left out without his mask, which we don't know if it is no-see-um bugs bothering him, or some sort of light sensitivity. I don't care actually, because the mask stops all of the symptoms!!!

The best result I have had is that every spring, the vet checks Wally's eyes as part of his insurance exam. For the past two years, the vet has had to really look for his cataract. Then this past spring, he could find no sign of the cataract!! He looked and looked, as he has always found it before! I have never heard of a cataract disappearing, but that was exciting news! Even if I never sell Wally, it is a great relief to feel that he is so much better! We have been very competitive at shows for the past couple years, and I don't even have to ride him in his mask. He does continue to wear it during the daylight hours while turned out, as a precaution.

I recommend Guardian Mask to everyone at the barn, and my vets recommend it to other clients because of what they have seen with Wally. A friend half joking, told me that she felt all grey horses should be issued a guardian mask to protect their eyes right from birth! This is a great product and you definitely have a customer for life.

I thank you and Wally thanks you too!
Barb Zonay
Pomfret, VT



Hi there Barb,


Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us and the world.  What an amazing thing to have happen!  We're just amazed that Wally has done so well and so very pleased to hear about the cataract.  I've personally never heard of a cataract disappearing entirely either and I'm just stunned!  We would love to see some pictures of Wally in action by the way!


 Guardian Mask


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