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Heather & her horse "Tendo" - 09-28-2006



Hi my name is Heather Fehd and I live in Henderson, KY.  I called probably 7 months ago, and ordered a mask.  My problems started almost two years ago, the first vet thought our horse had cut his eye, and we treated it for 4 weeks.  The eye seemed to get better, and 6 months passed and the eye got worse, so I called another vet, this time he treated it for a fungus and it never seemed to get better so he sent us to a ophthalmologist in Lexington KY. 


She was very sure that he had a viral like herpes in his eye and sent us home with ALOT of med's and we continued to treat it at home for about 6 months.  The second vet came back and checked on our horse once a week, and it did seem to get some better, with just a couple small lines in the eye, we thought we had it completely healed up, and then it exploded with a yellow greenish bump on top of this blue in his eye and he lost almost all of his sight out of his eye!  We made an appointment and went back to Lexington and the vet didn't give us much hope for him to get better, but she was still calling it herpes and now it had a viral virus growing on top of this. 


She gave us more meds and sent us home.  I was online trying to find out more about what our horse had and came upon this web site and thought what the heck try it.  in the mean time the vet called me back and sent some med's that were being used on cancer patients and thought this would help, but never said Tendo had cancer, so we started the med's and the mask came a couple of nights later, so we rushed to put it on Tendo. 


We have him on Lysine and Triple Crown Complete, this medication and the mask.  I don't know what or which, but we do know we will never go without this mask.  My husband say's this is great and now Tendo has such a small blue line you can't see it without looking very closely.  He can see and loves his mask, he waits for it to be put on every morning, and than he gets his treats.  He loves it.


Thanks Guardian Mask for making such a wonderful product, I have told so many people about this.  We my husband and I agree that the mask really helped to heal Tendo.  The same vet that treated his eye, came out this spring to do coggins, and couldn't believe this was the same horse with the eye problem.  I had to show Tendo's reg. papers to prove it!


Thanks again,

Heather and David Fehd

Henderson KY



Thank you Heather for sharing your experience.  We're very pleased to hear the positive progress!  Send us a picture!


Guardian Mask

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