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Nannette & her horse "Newton" - 05-14-2008


Dear Sid,


I just wanted to write and say "thank you" for saving my horse's life and I mean that literally.


Back in January of this year, my 26 year old Quarter horse, Newton, started headshaking caused by photophobia related to the information of floaters in his left eye.  His eye actually looked like a shaken snow glove on examination.  My veterinarian consulted with Ohio State and was told that the floaters would eventually consolidate and form a cataract but until then there wasn't much to do for the headshaking.  Newton would have to become used to it or have his les removed which just wasn't an option for me.  His headshaking become more and more violent and he became increasingly agitated to the point where he was almost uncontrollable. 


I found your mask through the internet and thought I had nothing to lose.   At this rate if I didn't find a solution fast Newton was going to have to be put down because he was getting too difficult to handle and someone was going to get injured.  I prayed it would work and you reassured me it would.


The day I received the mask I raced to the barn.  It was a bright day with snow on the ground which was the worst kind of day for Newton.  I put the mask on and coaxed him outside (by this time he didn't want to leave the barn.) Instantly I knew it was working.  I had my old horse back.  He walked calmly beside me and NO headshaking!   Immediately I broke into tears of happiness!  My horse's life was spared!


Newton became so accustomed to wearing the mask though that eventually we had to leave it on him 24/7, taking it off only to clean it and his face.  He couldn't wait to get it back on. And then a few weeks ago I began to notice he wasn't as anxious when it was off.  He was even tolerating being outside without it.  My vet examined his eye and the floaters were gone!   No cataract formed and the floaters were completely gone.  She couldn't explain it but I could.  It was the Guardian Mask.


Newton is still wearing his mask but only during daylight hours not because he absolutely has to but now as a preventative against cataracts.  People have made fun of how he looks in it and renamed him "Flyboy".  Neither of us care though because it saved his life.


Sid, Newton and I cannot thank you enough.  I've enclosed a picture of Newton with his Guardian Mask on.



Nannette Bollinger and Newton.


Greetings Nannette,


What a wonderful experience you have had with Newton and the Guardian Mask.   We are elated that the mask has helped Newton, and thank you so much for sharing your experience as well as the photo.   Newton is a doll!  Do feel free to keep us updated, we'd love to hear from you again and Newton's long term progress.


Guardian Mask

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