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Kim & her horse "Amira" - 08-06-2010


I’m back to order the third mask for my Sport Horse Amira Al Nahar. I got Amira 4 years ago. She was on a farm where the horses were all starving and in really bad shape.  I had no idea at the time that she had uveitis too and had already lost partial sight in her left eye.  I was horrified one morning shortly after she got here to go into the barn and find tears running to her nose and her beautiful big brown eye light blue.  I called the vet right away and he diagnosed uveitis and gave me ointment for her eye and told me that she would probably go blind in a few years in that eye.  It was all said so matter of fact like there was nothing to do about it, get used to the idea.  I had another vet check her after the uveitis cleared up and he gave me the same story. 


She had a bout with uveitis every couple months despite almost constant treatment. I just couldn’t accept there was nothing to be done so I started searching the Internet and I found Guardian Masks and ordered one.  She wasn’t too happy about the mask at first and tried her best to rub it off, but she’s a smart girl and she soon realized how it helps her.  I take it off her at night and if I forget to put it on in the morning, she stands in the field where she can look in my back door until I see her and come out and put on her mask.  She puts her head down for me obviously wanting it on. 


She’s been wearing it almost 3 years now and she just had her annual check-up and the vet looked her eyes over real good and said that he couldn’t find any sign of damage anymore and it appeared her sight was normal!! 


Here’s a picture of my girl before she destroyed her mask.  (She’s obviously not starving any longer.)


Thanks so much from Amira and me!!

Kim Mullen



Wow, what an amazing experience Kim, thank you so much for sharing!  I hope that your vet now sees the amazing properties of the mask, maybe it will be mentioned next time there is a horse suffering!


Thank you and hug Amira for us!

Guardian Mask

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