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Sue & her horse "Emily" - 12-21-1999


Dear Sid,


I wanted to write you and Thank You for your Guardian Mask because it saved the eye of my pony. 


Last Spring, my pony "Emily", was diagnosed as having Uveitis and Glaucoma by my Vet.  After making the diagnosis, he turned the case over to an Equine Ophthalmologist for further treatment.   The Ophthalmologist recommended laser surgery for the affected (left) eye to help relieve the pressure.   The surgery was completed and the eye continued to be so enlarged that she looked like a Pug dog. 


She was prescribed eye drops for the Glaucoma by the Ophthalmologist. I had to obtain this prescription at the drug store.  The prescription cost $70.00 for a small bottle that lasted about a month.  I had to put drops into the eye four times a day.  The eye did not appear to be improving.  My regular vet, after seeing there was no improvement suggested that the eye be removed.


It was at this time I heard about the Guardian Mask.  I ordered one for Emily with the 90% UV protection lens.   I wanted to try one more thing before consenting to the removal of the eye.


It is now, December and to look at her you could not tell the ordeal that the pony, "Emily" has been through.  I am no longer putting in the drops and I believe she has some sight in that eye.   I keep the Guardian Mask on her at all times.


Again, Thank you Sid.

Kind regards,


Sue Hanson

Gilroy Ca.



Thank you for sharing your experience Sue, we are pleased that the eye was saved and Emily is doing well.  Thank you for the photo as well.


Guardian Mask

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