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Trisha & her horse "Master" - 03-15-2014


Hello, I am very excited and cant wait to receive my guardian 95% mask. I have a late 2yr old Perlino Quarter horse that is VERY light sensitive. He has never had any bouts of uveitis, but I wanted to get this mask to prevent any eye conditions all together. I said I would send a picture of him, so this is my boy Master. I pick at him and call him Mr. Squinty Eyes. I am also including a picture of him on an overcast day from a year ago. I truly feel that y'all's mask is going to save my boy from years of pain and confusion.


Since I got him when he was 13 months old, on sunny days or days when there is snow on the ground, he squints his teary eyes and will stumble over anything. He stumbles so bad on bright days that if the ground is not level he almost falls to the ground trying to get to the water trough which is uphill and literally sticks his hoof out and "feels" for the ground with each step going downhill. I am hoping that this mask will be my miracle tool that will provide my colt with a better life. Thank y'all so much for putting in the time and work to provide horses with a way out of pain from bright light.


Thank you,
Trisha McDowell


UPDATE:  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

So... today was the first day that it hasn't been overcast since I received the mask Monday evening and I got to try it out. Today was extremely bright and clear. The mask is definitely on the small side as far as jaw coverage, and I will probably have to purchase a larger size in 6 months or so, but WOW! I can honestly say that my boys reaction almost brought me to tears. As soon as I got the mask on and his halter back on over it, he perked his ears forward and started looking around at everything. He is usually a very placid horse that hangs his head down and squints his eyes. He never spooks at things in the distance, only when things touch him without warning. He was looking around at things as though he had never seen them before.

I have held of off on training much as he seems to not be able to read my body language well. He does understand how to lunge, but he has a tendency to stop and try to look at me. Well, not today!  It was as though I was working a horse with 2 or 3 years of ground training. He was picking up on all my body cues, and even learned to yield his hind quarters properly today! I normally have a lot of trouble leading him as he usually has no clue when I stop and just keeps walking past me until I bump the halter lightly and then he stops. Today... on the first try, he immediately stopped as I stopped. He never walked into me like he tends to do. 

When I turned him out in the pasture he immediately went for the mini mare... which we have removed from the pasture now. He is a soon to be 3 year old stud that has been bred once as a two year old. Up until now, Master has shown little to no interest in this mini, often walking right into her in the beginning, which would scare both of them. Today he chased her around the pasture until I could stop him, trying to mount her. She is not in heat... I think its just because he could see exactly where she was now even from across the pasture.

Then after removing the mini from the pasture, Master decided to head over to my boyfriends VERY dominant gelding and started PLAYING with him! He has been to terrified of him to even eat hay near him until today. You should have seen the reaction of the gelding when this young head strong confident colt came running up to him. After about 20 minutes of "play" Master settled down right beside the gelding and started eating hay. I am truly astonished about the difference. I figured it would take a little while for him to adjust, but it was an immediate reaction. Thank y'all so much for all your help and a truly wonderful product!

Thank you, 
Trisha McDowell


It just doesn't get any better than that!   We're thrilled and excited that Master's life just flipped for the better Trisha!  Thank you so very much for sharing such good news, and so fast!  We always hope for speedy results like this, and this is what makes it all worth while.   We wish you and Master ultimate success! 


Thank you,

Guardian Mask

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