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Allison and her horse "Vannah " - 05-31-16



Dear all,

I ordered one of your masks for my 22 year old 16 hand max Sabino Tennessee Walking Horse mare (all white with pink skin and just a couple of coin-sized red spots) with carcinoma around her eye a little over a month ago. I am pleased to say as of yesterday Vannah's eye looked the best that it has for several years. Last fall I did a round of piroxicam that was effective for her and shrank the cancerous areas significantly, but she ended up with a gap in her lower lid. That area has been raw and irritated due to the weeping and to insects being attracted to it - until now. The Guardian Mask has allowed the eye to heal since it is totally protected.

Thank you so much for all your help before I ordered. I will have to try to get a decent picture of Vannah's eye to send to you. I am just tickled that her eye looks so much better - and she obviously feels better, too.

Best regards,

Allison Rowe



Hi Allison,

We can't be happier that Vannah has healed up so nicely, keep using the mask so we can keep her eyes protected, as she is pink skinned, it will help her in the long run with having a healthy happy life.  

Thank you so much for sharing your experience, we look forward to that photo!


Guardian Mask

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