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Debbie & her horse "Missie" - 05-15-2000


Missy is an 18 year old Appy mare that I have had since she was a 5 year old.  In November of 1998, my vet diagnosed her with Uveitis and we started treatment.  Over the next 7 months, she had additional flair-ups so I took her to Tufts University in Mass. for a second opinion and make sure we did not miss anything.


Uveitis was confirmed and we stepped up the treatment with the same meds that my vet had prescribed, only it was more aggressive.  In addition to the 4 different meds, that she was getting 4 times a day, she had to wear a fly mask when she was outdoors.  Unfortunately, the mask that I was using started to tear from her rubbing.  I had an idea of what I wanted for a mask that would stop her from rubbing and causing more serious injury and something that wouldn't collapse when she rubbed. 


When I searched the net and found the Guardian Mask, I was simply amazed.  It was just what I was looking for and more.  She wears her mask 365 days a year, no matter what the weather, from sun up to sun down.   Even when she is kept in the barn she wears it until the sun goes down.  In March we went back to Tufts for our 4th check up and we reduced the meds to 2 meds once a day, atropine in the left eye and flurbiprofen in both eyes which she will be on for the rest of her life, a little insurance.


The eyes looked good, Uveitis under control, and she showed significant improvement from her first visit.   Missy is a lot more comfortable and not in pain.  I truly believe that the sun light plays a big roll in eye problems and that the Guardian Mask will reduce the amount of flare-ups, if used consistently.   We prefer trail riding and it still amazes me how well she goes with that mask, as I only use the 95 lenses to give her the maximum protection that she deserves.   She goes over, up, down and around everything, you wouldn't even know she had it on.


This is a great mask that can be used not only for eye problems but for flies, sticks, branches, hauling, etc., and I highly recommend it.  The question I get asked the most is, "Can she see through that?"  "Yup! 20/20."  Here's looking at you Sid!


Thank you, 





Thank you Debbie for sharing your experience.  We're very pleased to hear the positive progress with Missie!


Guardian Mask


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