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Marcella & her horse "Chevy" - 01-27-2011



Hi, I am writing in regards to Chevy, my big o' paint! A week before Thanksgiving 2010 thru a biopsy he was diagnosed with Sqamous Cell Carcinoma in both eye lids. It had not yet effected the eye itself so we needed aggressive treatment fast! The enclosed picture is after the 3rd treatment of 5 flurouracil injections (this is the worse eye by far) & also a picture of him wearing his mask! 


They are hopeful that the cancer can be killed completely! He greets me every morning when the sun is rising w/his head lowered for his mask! I think HE knows it is helping him, too!

I just had to write & send a picture of my boy so you knew who you were helping to save! Thank you so much for your product,  it is truly a lifesaver!

I will be ordering a riding mask & another full one for pasturing!
Thank you again for all you do to save our 4 legged friends!

Best regards
Marcella Webb



Greetings Marcella,


We're so very pleased that Chevy is doing so well with the mask and that he actually knows it is helping him.  That is just such wonderful news.  Thank you so much for sharing with us, and thank you more for sharing the pictures as well, he is a sweetie!


Guardian Mask

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