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Diana and her horse "Rio" - 07-03-16





Good morning Vee,

I wanted to send you a quick update on my Clydesdale X "Rio" who was diagnosed with anterior uveitis in one eye and vitritis in the other, back in October 2015. We went through several trips to the Vet College and did numerous courses of medication and eye drops. With very little improvement and a noticeable decline in his overall demeanor, I knew we could not go on with this route of treatment and sought out alternatives for long term management. That's when my research brought me to the Guardian Mask. I bought the first mask in January and have not had a single flare-up since then. He has been completely off all medication since April. Yesterday I took Rio over some small jumps - something I have not dared attempt in nearly a year. I have noticed that there has been very little, if any, decline in his vision since using the Guardian Mask. I keep it on him 24/7 as he lives outside. He is back to his old self and I couldn't be happier that he is feeling well again.

I have since bought a second mask to use when I give the other a good clean, and because I found the eye protectors have become quite indented on the first one over time.

The only problem we've been having is with rubbing. He's got a thick white blaze that seems to be extra sensitive with rubbing his nose, as well as around his eyes. I've sewn moleskin around the eyes and the nose but it still seems to be a problem, especially since he's always wearing it. Do you have any other tips? There is a woman at my barn who also uses your mask (Katherine with Riley the appaloosa) and she mentioned that you were able to make a mask with the UV protection but a different design that might help with less points of contact for rubbing. I would love to learn more about this! I have been buying my masks from "Brubachers Harness" in Wallenstein, Ontario and am so thrilled that they are a distributor so close to me. Would the cost of this mask be less expensive than the regular one?

Thanks again for everything. I am so glad I found your company!

I've attached a recent picture of Rio sporting the Guardian Mask if you'd like to use it on your testimonial page. I am more than happy to help spread the word about how much Guardian Mask has helped my Rio, with hopes that others will try it too.

Best regards,
Diana and Rio




Hi Diana,


What a beautiful photo of Rio!  Wow!   For this issue of the rubbing, it can be a couple of things, either a too loose mask or too tight but in the photo it appears a little loose, rather than tight.  The excess loose movement can cause some rubbing on fine faced horses.   The alternative, if your horse is not the one doing the rubbing is the Traditional 95% Guardian Mask.  The mask is made with the same 95% materials as the Sunshades.  Same awesome protection, with a little more wiggle room! 

We sure appreciate your kind words, and awesome update with Rio, we are thrilled he is doing well and getting some gorgeous sunshine!


Thank you kindly,

Guardian Mask

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