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EWK McKinney Texas


EWK, McKinney Texas

One of our horses developed uveitis about nine months ago. We used aggressive, intensive treatments (tobramycin, prednisone, aspirin, banamine etc.) in the early stages, sometimes applying medication four times a day.

We began use of a Guardian Mask when we recognized onset of the disease. (Discovered the mask on the internet. Vets had heard of the mask, but were noncommittal about it and had never used one.)

The horse was in pain and suffered from usual symptoms – runny eye and lethargy, but no head-shaking.

After about six months, symptoms began to improve. The horse appears to be pain-free. No watery discharge. She wears the mask in daylight hours. We remove it at night. The affected eye has a cloudy streak in the center, but the horse appears to have some vision in that eye. She tolerates the mask well, actually seems to understand it.

The horse appears to have partially recovered. Progress of the disease appears to have been arrested for the past six weeks or so. We apply tobramycin and prednisone about once a week. Aspirin is discontinued.

There is virtually no literature describing long-term progress of the disease. We talked to several vets, all of whom seem only vaguely informed about the mask and likely outcome of the disease.

What should we expect at this stage?

The word ‘recurring’ in the name of the disease implies likelihood of more episodes. Is that always the case? If so, what is the usual interval between attacks? Are the medicines simply prophylactics at this stage? Should we continue applications forever? Do horses sometimes recover from uveitis? What are the long-term stages of the disease?

Continued use of the mask is no problem. The Guardian Mask has been a blessing for both horse and owners.

We’d like to hear from horse owners who have experience with the disease over a period of a year or so.

Thank you.


McKinney, Texas


Thank you EWK for sharing your own experience with everyone.  The word Recurring is indeed an indication that the disease can surface with symptoms again, and generally that is what happens.  The use of Guardian Mask on a daily basis for the rest of the horses life usually stops this from happening or helps prevent the symptoms from appearing. 


Medications can usually be weaned off with the daily use of the Guardian Mask, however we recommend that you always seek the advice of your veterinarian and observe your horse while off the medications to see if you even need them.  Most customers report to us that the meds are no longer needed when the symptoms subside.


We do recommend the Guardian Mask with 95% Sunshades to be used in all daylight hours for the rest of the horses life.   Horses do not at this state recover from the disease to the best of our knowledge.


Unfortunately, long term stages of the disease without the use of the Guardian Mask, can be the same as symptoms before you used the Guardian Mask and the disease can progress into eventual blindness of one or both and or death.


Guardian Mask

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