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Carole & her horse "Mr. Ed-iquette" - 03-15-02

"Mr. Ed-iquette" & Carole (owner)


How can I ever thank you making such an outstanding product?  Not only did you send them out pronto, but my trick  horse, Mr. Ed-iquette, loves it!  Witness the big smile on his face in the photo!    It is made so well, and the nose cover is just perfect for his white face, so that it doesn't sunburn down here in the Sunshine state of Florida.  As you can see, he is able to work well with the mask on, even at liberty.












It doesn't interfere with any of his movements.  He can even bow with it on, as the photo shows.

Truly, I think you are the one who should take a bow for such an excellent product.  I've searched far and wide for such a mask that would stop my horse's head tossing. Your mask is just what the doctor ordered! 


I can't thank you enough...... your mask will prolong Mr. Ed-iquette's performing career, I am certain.




Carole Fletcher



Singin' Saddles Ranch

Reddick, FL 32686 



Outstanding!  Mr. Ed-iquette really does appear to be enjoying his mask as well as his performance!


Thank you for sharing Carole, and thank you for the images, they are quite a nice addition to our collection of Guardian Mask clients.


Guardian Mask

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