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Tom, Alison & their horse "Pilot" - 04-29-2002


Dear Sid,

This is a follow-up to my telephone call to you on Friday afternoon.  As I told you on the phone, the Guardian Mask with the 95% UV filter arrived and I couldn't wait for my wife Alison to get home from work to try it out on Pilot, our 27 year old Trakaner/TB cross.  The effect of the filters was immediate.  What had been very violent head shaking - so bad last summer that he had difficulty eating - decreased to virtually nothing. 


For a number of years, all three of our horses have exhibited some head movement that the vet said was due to pollen allergies.  But in the summer of 2001, Pilot's head shaking changed.  While he still occasionally would move his head in that "scooping" motion, he began to make very violent and frequent head jerks.  They seemed to be involuntary spasms.  He was first treated with azium, which didn't seem to have any significant effect and then "Cypro" was prescribed, which did seem to help.

This spring the shaking started in late March and we had decided to try keeping him out of direct sunlight rather than go with medications until our vet felt they were absolutely necessary.  So we were resigned to putting all three horses out around 5:30am and bringing them in by the time it was fully daylight, then keeping the barn dark until sunset when they would go out for a few hours.  
Pilot was so uncomfortable by sunrise that he would literally run into his stall. 


Then Alison went to the "web" asking a search engine for info on "equine head shaking."  Lo and behold, she came across a link to "Guardian Mask." I know it sounds like a scripted commercial, but the results from the mask can only be described as a "miracle".  All weekend, Alison and I looked out into the fields in amazement to see "Pi" quietly grazing, with no violent head shaking.  


I am including a few pictures I took this morning of Pilot peacefully enjoying the new Virginia spring grass.

Thank you, Sid.

Tom and Alison Gillette
Warrenton, VA

PS - Pilot is already lowering his head in the morning so that we can put the mask on.







Thank you very much Tom & Alison for sharing the wonderful news about Pilot.  One of the things we love to hear is that the horses are "lowering their head" to receive the Guardian Mask.  They obviously know the relief and accept the help.


Guardian Mask

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