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Suzanne, her daughter, & their darling pony "Trixie" - 09-23-2012




Hello Guardian people!

Thank you so much for a great product that has definitely helped our horse, Trixie. We recently acquired Trixie this spring for my daughter to ride and show in 4-H. We noticed that one of her eyes was slightly irritated, but didn't think too much of it until it continued to worsen. At her previous owner's home, she had a large dark barn to run in during the day, but we only a 3-sided shed for her. When the vet was called, she was immediately diagnosed with uveitis, and we were told she would eventually go blind. We were given cream to put in her eye and a pretty bleak diagnosis.

My daughter had already fallen in love with her, and we didn't want to sell her. That's when I found out about Guardian Mask by searching the Internet. I purchased one as soon as possible, and it arrived the day before we had planned a family vacation for a week. So we put the new mask on, told our neighbor who would be watching the horses to keep an eye on her and make sure Trixie kept it on. When we got back a week later from vacation, the first thing I did was check on Trixie. While the mask was pretty dirty, her eye looked wonderful! There was no draining and all the swelling had gone done.

When it came time to take her to 4-H clinics and show, we made sure that it was OK with the judge that she wear her special mask since our shows are outside in full sun. Since Trixie wears her regular mask every day, we ordered a riding mask so that it would look nice for the show. The Guardian riding mask came a few days before the show. Trixie has a small head, so it was a little big. But we found that we could attach it in more than one way because of the heavy-duty velcro flaps and it still fit OK. Another thing was that the mask was almost the same color as her face, so it blended right in! Trixie and my daughter did great at the show. Trixie was calm, well mannered, and listened to all her cues. She ended up getting a Reserve Grand in Western Pleasure walk/trot!

I've attached some pics. One is of her eye when we first got her and you can see how it is sore and draining. It got worse than that before Guardian Mask made a difference. The other two pictures are from the county 4-H fair. One with the riding mask over her show halter, and the other is of her in the ring winning her class!

Thank you again for a great product! Trixie loves having it on--she puts her head way down low when we put it on in the morning after washing it for the night. She will have to wear it for the rest of her life, but that's a small price to pay for a healthy, seeing horse!

Suzanne (in Wisconsin)


Hi Suzanne,


What a wonderful wonderful email to start the day, thank you so very much for sharing your experience with Trixie, and that of your daughter. We are elated to know that Trixie has responded positively, and it is this very thing that keeps us going!  Thank you very much and keep up the great work with Trixie, also give a big congratulations to your daughter from us as well!


Guardian Mask

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