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Andrea L & her horse "Sam" 04-25-2011


Dear Dave

I wanted to share how your mask has literally saved my horses eyesight.   I had a bad fall from a horse and had broken my back a few years before getting Sam. I wanted to get back into riding slowly and needed an older more reliable horse. Samson the Handsome was a rescue horse, his previous owner had decided that he was too old, too slow and not of any use anymore.

Sammy ended up at the stockyards, destined to be sold for meat.   He was a sorry sight indeed, skinny, caked in brown and his halter was embedded. Once his halter was cut off and he received a bath it turned that he was actually a grey Arabian. After a vet check, (during which we discovered that he had Uveitis) and some fattening up, my daughter recommended that I get a Guardian Mask. (She had heard about you through the wonderful horse owners grapevine.)

Well the slow horse that was constantly tripping went through a metamorphosis and with the aid of your mask and our vet, is now acting like a a totally different animal. His eyes are now clear, he runs like the wind and is playing with the younger horses out in the field. Sammy and I have grown together and make an amazing team out on the trails.

I am forever grateful to you for your wonderful product that gave him back his sight and allowed him to in the end to rescue me from my fears too.

Thanks so much.

Andrea Lyonnais
Georgetown, Ontario, Canada

PS - Sammy wears his mask constantly, it only comes off in the barn and for the odd picture which I have attached. In these pictures he is 25+ years old had has not slowed down. 



Greetings Andrea,


We are so happy for you and Sammy!  What a wonderful experience you have had from the beginning until now.  We love when horses are rescued and then transformed like this because it proves they are very much worth saving!  The bond now between you and Sammy is amazing, and I'm certain in his heart he is completely grateful just to be with you and be alive.  We are also very happy that the mask helped Sam as it did, and we also appreciate you sharing with us.  Thank you, and thank you for the continued support!  Sammy truly looks happy!


Guardian Mask

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