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Peaches & her horses "Copper" & "Fritos" - 10-06-1999


October 6,1999


Well I don't know where to begin. For years I have used a regular fly mask on my horses. I used to have to sneak up on them with the mask. Or I would have to chase them all around the pen cuz when they saw me coming with it they would run from me.


Then one day Sid, one of the guys that works with me brought in this really cool looking mask and said try this on your horse. Well of course I took it home with me and put it on my baby Copper to see if she liked it any better then the regular one, and when I got home i removed it, The next day when it was time to put it on Copper , she put her head right down and waited for me too put it on her. I couldn't believe my eyes.


I thought I'd better get another one for Fritos, my other horse. Now Fritos was even harder to put a mask on. He started running the minute he saw it in your hand.  I would have to hide it behind my back or I couldn't get near him.  And believe it or not I got the same results out of him with the Guardian Mask.


They both just love their Mask.  I would never have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes.  I will recommend the Guardian Mask to everyone I know that owns a horse.


I want to commend you for discovering the Guardian Mask. My horses love it and so do I. 

My hat is off to you!



Peaches, a true believer!


Peaches Clark

San Marcos, Ca.


Thank you for sharing your experience Peaches, great to hear the products are working out well!


Guardian Mask

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