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Martha's & her Miniature horse "Munchkin" - 01-21-2005


This is a picture of my 29" miniature yearling horse " Silk Purse's Little Munchkin".   Silk Purse is a small time rescue operation.  We got munchkin when she was about 8 months old.   The first thing we noticed about her (besides being very tiny and cute) was that she had "bugged-out" eyes.    We discovered that her parents were both blind.   Sire has Glaucoma, and Dam has the same "bugged-out" eyes only clouded over with Uveitis (why do people still breed animals like this????).

Anyway - we kept a fly mask on her all summer before finding out about Guardian mask.  She is doing well with the mask and we certainly intend on training her to drive (pull a cart) when she is old enough as well as go back-packing with us.  Hopefully, with the mask and good medical care, she will retain what sight she has.

Martha D.

Silk Purse Farm, Northern VA
Getting Started with Combined Driving:

Meet my performance donkeys:


Thank you so much for sharing Munchkins progress and we look forward to seeing her drive!

Guardian Mask

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