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Jan & her horse "Moses" - 04-15-2001 + Updates



Note: **Updates are in reverse order after the first segment**


Hello Sid:
Well, it has been a few months since we last talked and I wanted to give you recent update on Moses. Well, first, just take a look at the pictures I've attached. Pictures don't lie. He has gained almost 200 pounds since January! My vet couldn't believe his own eyes when he came a few weeks ago. Moses is doing excellent! He continues to have improved progress, although he has had 2 very short episodes of ERU since May. However, the improvement lies in the fact that he had less "down" time since he began wearing his GUARDIAN MASK, and within just 4-5 days he was back to normal, opposed to 4-5 weeks. I have noticed that both times, there was a full moon.


Call me skeptical, and I know what the literature says, but I just don't see how a full moon can trigger something like this, but apparently it does have some relevance. Moses continues to wear his mask 24/7, most of the time. On a few occasions, I have let him have some relief from it, but only at night, and when I was certain that he was not experiencing any symptoms ERU. I miss seeing his beautiful face, so selfishly, I do allow him some freedom from the mask during dark hours. He has adapted to it very well and as you might have guessed, it is starting to look very tattered from wear.


I knew you would be interested in hearing a story with a good ending so I wanted to give you an update and let you know that Moses continues to move forward, progressively and is once again enjoying his "golden years". From my experience in dealing with ERU, I have learned that one must attack this disease with aggression, or else face the consequences of a blind horse in extreme pain. It is such a joy to see Moses running in the pasture and once again see him playful and interacting with his buddies. I am so thankful for your research and insight into the causes of ERU and for discovering that something as simple as a mask, that screens out light, could actually restore the health and welfare of our wonderful companions that we call our BEST FRIENDS!


I have talked with numerous people, who have horses suffering from this very strange and debilitating illness and I continue to spread the word of the Guardian Mask with every opportunity I am afforded. Thanks again for allowing me to share more of my testimony regarding Moses' continued good health. It is my earnest desire that other horse owners seeking help and advice in dealing with ERU, will find hope and encouragement from those of us who have posted our testimonies here on your website. We know and understand the despair....for we have surely walked a mile in their shoes. 

Sincerest regards,
Jan Curtis, Bethpage, TN



UPDATE 05-18-01

Hello Sid:

Just a quick update on Moses. He continues to improve as time goes by, and physically, he looks better than I have seen him in almost a year. This past weekend we took him for a little trip in the trailer to give him a little different scenery. It seemed he had become a bit "barn sour" and decided that he didn't want to leave the comforts of home, i.e. the barn! I suppose this stems from all the "TLC" he received while recuperating from his Uveitis. I wasn't sure how he would react when we unloaded him, since we were trying out a new saddle on him and the fact that he was in unfamiliar territory, along with wearing his Guardian Mask. But, I couldn't have asked for a better ride. 

So, to any of your clients who may have questions about their horse performing on command while wearing the Guardian Mask and outside their familiar territory, I can attest that I had excellent results and did not see one ounce of difference in Moses' ability to adapt to any situation. This particular day that we rode, we traveled down a 2-lane paved road; we met cars, cows, people, barking dogs, other horses and even passed through flowing creeks, and Moses reacted with grace and confidence to every encounter, without any hesitation. So, as I continue to test the "boundaries" of the Guardian Mask and Moses, I am happy to report to you, that the Guardian Mask continues to be, as you say, "The Gift of Life". 

With each passing day, I am still amazed and encouraged with Moses' progress, and again wish to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for all that you have helped me to accomplish. 

Jan Curtis, Bethpage, TN

"Our own life experiences often teach us more than we ever cared to know. We gain so much more from these experiences than we could have ever known without them."



UPDATE 04-15-01


Hi Sid:

Well, Moses and I had quite a ride today. We started out at the house, then we headed out to the pasture and then we traveled about 10 miles to a beautiful hilltop that overlooks one of the prettiest views on our farm. It was so good to be back on Moses again. I haven't been able to ride him since January, and then it was not a good experience because at that time I did not realize the nature and seriousness of his illness. Boy, have I come a long way since then, and so has Moses. But I am glad to report to you today that Moses appears to have had a miraculous recovery.


This being Easter I really have a lot to be thankful for and you are on my list along with many others. Moses seemed to really enjoy being back doing what he does best. He is such a wonderful companion and friend and I have learned so much from him. I shutter to think how close I was to donating him to University of Tennessee, Veterinarian School of Medicine for the research of Uveitis. I just kept hoping for a miracle and I got one! I can never thank you enough. I am so full of joy !


I will continue to spread the word about the wondrous results of the Guardian Fly Mask. Thanks again for your dedication to helping make the world a better place for all horses. I hope to one day to meet you and shake your hand and maybe give you a big hug. Until then, I will continue to spread the word far and wide of your wonderful invention. 

Jan Curtis,
Bethpage, TN


Update 04-11-01

Hello Sid:

To brief you, I have included an email that I sent you on March 13, 2001, which subsequently prompted a phone call from you on that same day. Today, April 10, 2001, I want to give you an update since we last talked back in March. Feel free to post any portion of this email to your website as a testimonial. I do not have a picture of Moses, posing with his Guardian Fly Mask at this time. However, I promise to send one to you as soon as possible. Please read the following:


UPDATE April 10, 2001

Dear Sid:

When you called me back in March, you suggested trying some herbs. Well, I did do some research on the internet, but couldn't find anything that I could afford, considering all the money I had been out with vet bills, and such. So, I continued with my usual routine of medications, continuous use of the Guardian Fly Mask, and lots of prayers! Then suddenly, about a 10 days ago, as I was beginning my daily ritual of washing his mask, cleaning his eye, and medicating, I looked into his eye and was absolutely stunned at what I saw! I saw a definite improvement in his eye. The swelling was almost gone, the redness in his lower eyelid was dissipating, there were no streams of tears from his eye, the cloudiness was clearing, and the pupil was visible for the first time in many months. I cried with joy! I grabbed Moses around the neck and gave him a big hug, and if you've ever had a horse hug you back, you know the feeling I am describing. It was wonderful.

Since January, Moses has been using the Guardian Fly Mask, with #95 shades, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. I have continued to follow my vet's instructions, and medicated his eye up until about 5 days ago. When I called to report this wonderful news to my vet, he seemed somewhat shocked and amazed, especially since I had given him some literature regarding your mask. None the less, he was very elated to learn of Moses' improvement. He suggested weaning Moses off the medications, which I have done and he is now completely off ALL medications. So far, I have not seen any recurring signs of Uveitis. It is obvious that Moses' health has returned. I have actually seen him running in the pasture with the rest of the herd and he is even able to keep up with the younger horses. He no longer stands in a corner in his stall, avoiding the sunlight. He now, proudly holds his head high and LOOKS into the sunlight, without pain! He has lost most, if not all sight in one eye, due to an already deteriorated condition, prior to my use of the mask, but Moses is alive and healthy, no longer in pain, and looking better than I have seen him in a very long while. I am NOT totally convinced that the medications contributed to his overall improvement. Although, I do give the medications some credit. I am, however, absolutely 100% convinced, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the mask made a positive and significant difference in his health, his well being, and his recovery! I plan on ordering a mask for my 2 year old Walker, who for now, is in perfect health. I do not want to take a chance of going through this again with another horse. I have no way of knowing whether Uveitis will recur in Moses' eye; the history of the disease says that it is a probability. But for now, I choose to relish in the joy of seeing my 20 year old Tennessee Walker in his prime... healthy, vibrant, and full of life. 

Thank you Sid, for all your support, for caring and for giving me that last little pep talk to keep me going in the right direction. I was in deep despair when I last contacted you, and very close to euthanizing my best friend. Thanks to you, and the Guardian Fly Mask, Moses and I will now be able to ride off into the sunset together...... once again..... and hopefully for a very, very long time. 

Jan Curtis, Bethpage, TN


Update 03-13-2001

Hello Sid:

I purchased my Guardian Fly Mask , with #95 sunshades almost 2 months ago. Moses, my 20 year old Tennessee Walker has been wearing the mask 24-7 since then. The Uveitis has stabilized, but unfortunately, has not improved as yet. I attribute that to the already deteriorated condition of the eye at the time that I put the mask to use. I would like to ask your opinion on the Black Out Patch. Do you think that total occlusion for a period of time might show some benefit? Moses has lost his sight in the eye, and is still exhibiting the classic signs and symptoms of Uveitis in the eye, pain, tearing, swelling, constricted pupil, cloudy/gray color etc. I have exhausted my financial and medical resources with my vet; treatment has shown no improvement, and I have spent over $600 since January 2001. So, I have concluded, what's another $9.00 for the black out patch. Is it worth a try? 

I am now at a financial cross roads of either having the eye removed, ($700 - $800, which I cannot afford), or donating him to the University of Tennessee College of Veterinarian Medicine for study and research. If you have a client who could talk me through this or out of this, regarding the surgery, donation or preferably just encouragement to keep on keeping on, I would appreciate it. Although, finances have now entered into this ugly picture, my main concern, first and foremost is the welfare of Moses. I do not want my emotional attachment to Moses to be a detriment to his health and welfare, but at the same time, I do not want to seem cold and callused because I can no longer afford the medical care he requires. He deserves so much more than that. This is a very difficult crossroad, and I keep praying for an easy answer. So far, I haven't found one and I am preparing myself for the finality of circumstances, which now appear to be beyond my control, medically and financially. I am open to any suggestions, either from you or any of your clients. Surely, I am not alone. Surely, someone else has walked in my shoes. Thanks for your interest and help.

Jan Curtis, Bethpage, TN



Jan, your story had been heartwarming from the very beginning and we are very pleased to have had the opportunity to help as well as hear of the great progress you had with Moses. 


Thank you very much for sharing your unique experience. 


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