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Bonita's horses & Mule "Nira, Tango & Elvis" - 09-13-01



Hello Sid,


In the fall of 1996, my 20 year old Arabian gelding, Nira, developed Equine Recurrent Uveitis. He became totally blind in his left eye and we think he could only see a blurry shadow from his right eye. All this despite very aggressive veterinary treatments.


I ordered him a Guardian Mask once I realized these bouts of Uveitis seemed to be aggravated by sunlight. At first I kept the 90% UV protection lenses on the mask he wore 24 hours per day. Since I bought him that mask, and started giving him MSM daily, he has only had a couple more bouts of the illness, and he hasn't had any in the past few years. The mask got pretty tattered but I only had to replace the eye pieces twice in the past five years. The last set he used were the 80% UV protection which seemed to work just as well since he had stabilized. I have just now had to replaced the mask in the fall of 2001 and I went back to the highest UV protection available.


I should also mention that I have started to experiment on Nira's eyes with Colloidal Silver a few months ago. I give it to him orally and drop some in his eyes twice a day, and I have seen some improvement. The cloud that had covered 75% of his good eye has shrunk considerably as has the other one. I am also starting to see a few minor positive changes in his behavior that also indicate to me that he is starting to see a bit more. I am guardedly hopeful!



A few weeks ago my Quarter dale gelding Tango developed Red-Eye and it soon spread to Nira and Elvis, my donkey, too. I already had a Guardian Mask for Tango, but he had never worn it. I was using it as a spare for when I washed Nira's mask. Now I started putting it on Tango and he must have realized the benefit because now he lets me put it on him easily every day. After dropping Colloidal Silver in all of there eyes for a few days the Red-Eye totally cleared up.


Elvis has often had crusties or slight tearing from his eyes which I always figured was just irritation from dirt since he rolls in the dirt multiple times per day and is always a little dustbowl whenever you pet him. Since I had to order a new mask for Nira, I figured I might as well get one for Elvis too.


Now all three of "my boys" wear their Guardian masks during the day and Nira still wears his at night as well since it also protects him from getting foreign objects in his eyes. I haven't been able to get a picture of the three of them together sporting their masks yet, but here are a few shots I did manage to get. I have also included a "before" picture of Nira last winter, wearing his ratty old mask.


Your product is wonderful and I also appreciate the fact that you continue to make small design changes in hopes of making an even more durable mask. 


Thank-you Sid.

Bonita Poulin



The aggressive treatments prescribed by Veterinarians are often times disappointing.  Your discovery however was an excellent aid helping all three and we are pleased that Guardian Masks were recognized and used to help that prevention and control.


Thank you very much for sharing your unique experience.  It's great to see the Guardian Mask being used on your star Mule as well!

 Guardian Mask


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