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 Elaine and her mare  - 07-17-16






Dear Vee (and Guardian Mask team),

I am sure that this is but one of MANY thrilled customers saying "thank you" but I wanted to add my praise to the mix!

On so many levels, I have found the experience of ordering, receiving and using the Standard Guardian mask a blessing beyond all hopes or expectations. I will explain.
1) I saw one your masks in use at a therapeutic riding facility in the states where I was attending a workshop. The equine team had all good things to say about it and how it had helped that horse.

2) My mare has been diagnosed with recurrent equine uveitis (ERU) and has a number of flare-ups - nothing serious, but obviously irritating each time and of concern.
3) At the time I returned from the workshop my mare was in a clinic an hour away, recovering from surgery to her pastern. I had been struck by the remark of our vet as she was getting ready to be trailered to the clinic, "I think her eye is bothering her more than her leg right now." He was referring to a flare up of the ERU along with a small ulcer. I decided I really wanted to try one of your masks.
4) I read all I could on your website and became concerned about ordering the right size (since I could not measure my horse) as well as some shipping questions since I live in Puerto Rico. So late Saturday evening 3 weeks ago today, I wrote an email detailing my questions. I did not expect a response for several days (although I knew my horse was returning home the following Saturday and hoped to have the mask by then).
5) Lo and behold, the very next morning (Sunday), I had a reply from you answering all of my questions and suggesting that a size large with an extra 3" sewn in around the throat latch would be your best suggestion and if I would like to place an order, an invoice would be sent. I replied yes and yes!
6) Had an invoice within 3 hours, paid it, and had the mask at my doorstep that Thursday (3 days later).

7) My horse returned home on Saturday after a traumatic day (and experience prior). One of the biggest behavioral challenges and changes that she has and that became worse while she was away is that she had regressed to her former VERY head-shy self. Any attempt to put a hand up towards the top of her head or put pressure on her poll (through touch or downward pull with a lead rope on the halter) would result in her throwing her head and backing away as much as possible. I was not sure how well she would take to the mask or even just getting it on her. Since the Guardian mask is secured with velcro, I was even more unsure how she would react to the "ripping" noise it makes when you have to adjust it.
8) So, I went out and let her smell it and touch it and used the velcro a couple of times near her head (but not touching it). She still was very head-shy. Then I held the mask up in front of her face so the eye coverings were at her eye level and an amazing thing happened. She suddenly stood stock still and stretched out her neck towards the mask. I was able to bring it up to her face and she simply did not move, but stood there as if to say "where has this thing been all my life?"

9) From the moment the Guardian mask went on, she calmed considerably. As we live in the tropics she is outdoors 24/7 with no stall (just shade trees). Therefore, the UV of the sunlight is very intense and unavoidable. She LOVES her mask!
10) Every evening I take it off (to rinse off the eye coverings...I call it cleaning her sunglasses) and every morning when I go to feed her I put it back on. Even when she's eating, she will stop and stand stock still while it is being adjusted. It not only protects her eyes from sunlight, but excess sand/dust and random branches etc. when she is grazing.

11) And may I add that the extra 3" under the throat was PURE GENIUS! A PERFECT FIT!!

I am super impressed with the quality, workmanship, attention to detail, and outstanding customer service. Most of all I am just so very grateful that you have helped me so easily improve the quality of my horse's life with this amazing product. Beyond words...thank you!

As we are moving towards opening a new equine therapy center I am sure I will be ordering more of your masks. I can see only good things coming through their use.

All the best...and with continued gratitude,
Elaine Cosby
Isabela, Puerto Rico


P.S. Many people ask us why she has the "funny mask" on. We tell her they are her "gafas del sol" (sunglasses) and that she loves them. If they are horse owners, we tell them about your company and explain what a tremendous benefit it has given her and why we ordered it in the first place. I also told the people (equestrian center staff) I worked with in the states about your company and the mask. My vet has been out to check on the healing of her surgical site several times and even he has remarked how he can't believe how much better she is about her head and how much she seems to enjoy having the mask on. We will continue to "pass the word."


My mare continues to want this mask each and every day I go out to feed her in the a.m. She is 16.3 hands (so not an easy reach) and will stop eating, lower her head, and wait for it to be placed on her face, calmly and with obvious appreciation for the relief it gives her. Attached are 2 photos, one with her with the mask on and the other on the day she left for surgery.




Hi Elaine,


We could not be happier to know your mare is loving her mask.  Thank you so much for sharing your experience, it makes all of the work so worth while.   Your mare is the first in Puerto Rico wearing the mask!  We hope she continues to have comfort as long as she lives.   Thank you for the ongoing support too, we truly appreciate every bit of it!  


Guardian Mask

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