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Liz & her horse - 06-01-2001



Dear Sid,

Here is the copy from the article which we ran in Equestrian Trade News, May issue. Please feel free to use it on the website. I would add that, since my horse appears to have gained confidence in the Guardian Mask and in his new-found state of comfort and security, he has stopped head-shaking altogether. Even the nose twitching has practically disappeared. This has taken about three weeks - and the difference in the horse is unbelievable. He wears his Mask throughout the hours of daylight, even on three/four hour rides it has not once rubbed him or made him sore - it really helps keep the flies off too!

Thanks for such a wonderful invention.

With best regards,


Liz Benwell. 



Seeing the light over head-shaking

No-one really knows what causes head-shaking, a very specific problem some unfortunate horses develop as soon as the Spring/summer comes. The main symptom is a violent jerking of the head, so severe in some cases
that it becomes dangerous to ride the horse. Others continually try to rub their noses on the ground. 

The chances are some of your customers will own head-shakers. Sadly, writes Liz Benwell, I have such a horse. On a cloudy, drizzly day, he's a joy to ride; but when the sun shines in summer, we both suffer. Last year, I tried various herbal remedies with some slight improvement from NAF D-Tox but no firm solutions. This year, I have been exploring a theory that head-shaking could be triggered by the sun's UV rays. Having found some amazing case histories at , I contacted the inventor and distributor of the original Guardian Multi-Purpose Horse Mask, Californian based Sid Eby.


I grew up by the ocean, Sid explained. And we had to wear sunglasses, or we got terrible headaches. Some people think head-shaking is a behavioral problem, but horses which are sensitive to UV rays are actually in unbelievable pain - a pain which travels down the nerves of the face right into the muzzle. Sid came up with the Guardian Mask partly to address this problem, and also to tackle America's enormous fly problem.


I've seen horses with their faces eaten raw by insects in the summer. Now many vets and veterinary hospitals have caught onto the Guardian Mask too, using it to help horses with Uveitis, cataracts, glaucoma or cancer. With its interchangeable eye covers, it can offer 80 percent UV eye protection, 95 percent "sunshade" protection, or blackout patches for injured or diseased eyes.


The eye covers neatly slot into "sockets" secured with Velcro, the mask being held in place with adjustable Velcro straps over the headpiece and under the throat. Nose covers are also available.  Safe to be worn either loose in the field, or over a head collar or bridle, the mask takes seconds to put on, is easy to rinse clean and very well

Did it work?

I first tried the Guardian Mask on a bright, still, unseasonably warm April afternoon when my horse would normally have been left in the field or shade of his stable. And, yes, it worked!  The violent jerking of the head completely disappeared. There was a slight nose irritation still (probably due to pollens, head-shaking almost certainly being due to a combination of factors) but my un-rideable horse was suddenly rideable again.

Now he wears it in the field on bright days, and always for riding unless it's overcast and/or raining. We have even jumped in the Guardian Mask - so he must be able to see! - and not once has it slipped or moved. 

Most amazing of all, especially for a horse who was very suspicious of the thing when he first saw it, he now practically dives into his Guardian Mask.
Makes you wonder.... 

. The Guardian Mask is not generally available in the UK, but Mr. Eby is interested to talk to potential distributors.


**Note:  The Guardian Mask Products are now sold worldwide. We have several distributors in the UK. For more information, contact Guardian Mask.


Thank you Liz for sharing your personal experience as well as the article that was very well written.  We truly appreciate your review and update.  Many thanks to you as well Liz, you began spreading the word in Europe which has helped educate thousands upon thousands more.  Your article drew an incredible amount of attention which has opened the eyes of Veterinarians and Universities in the far reaches of the globe and now the benefits of these products are being more seriously looked at.


Guardian Mask

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