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Pamela & her Arabian - 03-09-2001




I have a 9 year old Arab that was found to have cancer in his right eye and I did not know what to do.  I brought him to Louisiana Larae Animal Vet School and they said they will have to do surgery on his eye because it was getting worse by the day.  It was already on his cornea and was spreading very quickly. 


They did the surgery and told me he could never be in the direct sunlight unless I got a mask that covered his eyes and they recommended you and the Guardian Mask so I came to your web site and I read some of the stuff on your web site and I told my mom ( by the way I am only 16) that this was the mask I needed so we ordered it and it came in a day or two after we ordered it and I put it on my horse and some how he got it off so I put his halter on and he still got it off so I asked you how to keep it on and I took your suggestion and it worked and he has had for about 3 months.


We have seen much improvement in his eye health and in his performance (I am on a drill team and we travel a lot and he has come a long ways).  Now he can go out and play with all the other horses instead of being in a stall all the time.


Thank you.


Pamela Knippers,

Baton Rouge, Louisiana



Thank you Pamela, for sharing the progress with your Arab, we wish you the very best.


Guardian Mask

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