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Georgia & her horse "Jamboree" - 01-04-2007



Dear Sid or David,


I am so mad at you both. You have such an amazing product and nobody knows about it. I read an article recently in Horse Illustrated about a woman who has a now blind Appy because she went through what so many of us have with our Appys and didn't know about you. Fortunately my frantic search for something to help my  horse finally led me to you. My horse is doing fantastic and hasn't had a flair up of either uveitis or ulcers. Your product is fantastic. Why aren't you advertising in the Appaloosa Horse Club? Why aren't you in magazines? Why aren't people writing articles about your product in magazines? Why aren't you at big horse shows, like Westworld in AZ? You should have a link on their website. I am furious to think that people like myself will not find you in time. You need to market yourself. Hell, I'll sell it for you. Here is my boy, Jamboree, now 17. I got him a year ago in December. Your response?


Georgia Benyk


Greetings Georgia,

I've read your email to Sid, and he had the warmest laugh.   It is very interesting but he asks those same questions back in the day.  Times are finally changing and the studies are showing more promise for alternative medicines and products.  It wasn't always this way though, it has been a long hard road.  


Our goal is to save horses lives, and make the Guardian Mask a known product to the entire equine industry.  While it is still a specialized company making a medical equine garment, we're still here, and still trying our hardest to help as many  as we can. 

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and asking the questions we too have asked over the years.  We look forward to a bright future only shaded by Sid's 95's!


Guardian Mask


Dear Vee,

Thanks so much for sharing my email with Sid. He is a Horse Angel. I am working on a second income, my equine assisted therapy. As soon as I have some extra income, I am becoming your distributor in AZ. Your mask has salvaged my horses quality of life.

My vet told me not to ride my horse again because he couldn't tell me how much sight he lost with the recurring uveitis prior to the guardian mask.  He said he would never let his wife ride a horse like mine. I cried for a while, then I realized my horse hasn't given me one sign of blindness.


He trailers, trail rides, doesn't bump into things. blinks when I startle him with my hand. No sign of blindness or lost vision. If and when I believe I or my horse are in peril, we will figure something out. He is a great horse and is now living pain free because of the Guardian Mask. No bute, no nothing.  I board my horse and I see him everyday. I keep the mask on 24/7 and only take it off to launder, ride in the evenings and groom.

He is healthy and happy because of Guardian Mask. I want to tell everyone about it and make sure they buy one or two for their horses. I am also going to put it on my other website, my humane education club at my high school.


Thanks Vee and Sid and David. Get Sid's daughter-in-law going quickly as many, many horses are needlessly suffering as I write this.


09-25-07 UPDATE


Hi Sid, after a long, long year of recurrent uveitis spending over $5K in inpatient hospitalization and outpatient treatments I received a  recommendation to have both of my horse's eyes surgically removed. I believe I have found an answer to recurrent uveitis.


1. Guardian Mask (however, still keep horse out of sun with mask and turn out at night with mask)  


2.Ask vet to order ITRA/DMSO from an equine friendly compounding pharmacy. It takes an hour for the pharmacist to prepare. It costs $70 and lasts about 2 weeks with 4x daily topical applications in each eye. Also use triple antibiotic topically 4 x a day. The pharmacy I used was Tatum Drug at 28248 N Tatum Blvd, Ste B4, Cave Creek, AZ 85331 480-473-9746 Ask for Vincent as he can mail it to customer.


3.Equine Eye  Wash two times a day and A.I.H.(oral anti-inflammatory in lieu of bute or banamine) both from . Cost is about $140 and lasts about 7 weeks. The Eye Wash treatment is 3 drops to 1/2 ounce of colloidal silver. Use dropper to wash each eye repeatedly.


4.Bach Rescue Remedy-use two droppers  full in a cup of grain once a day.

My vet cannot believe the difference. The ulcers have healed and his eyes 'shine' again.


Thanks Sid for your awesome mask. With a little help from herbs and pharmaceuticals, we got it!


Very Sincerely,

Georgia Benyk

please post on your website



Thank you again Georgia for your kind words and support.  We look forward to working with you in spreading the word!

Guardian Mask

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