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We strongly recommended to read each and every page of the compiled information on this website.  The information we have provided will help you understand your horses needs as well as understand our products.


Our goal is to help save horses lives.



This product is proudly made in the USA


Welcome to Guardian Horse Mask!


After 25 years, we are still hand manufacturing the ultimate solution to help horses suffering with the eye conditions such as uveitis (ERU), headshaking, glaucoma, eye cancer, cataracts and eye injuries.  The Standard Guardian Horse Mask with Protective Eye Covers, our unique patented "95% Sunshades" are specifically designed to help aid in the treatment, healing, and prevention of these major eye conditions and diseases. The Standard Guardian Mask offers extended life and productivity to the horses that have suffered these conditions, and we stress, in numerous cases, without the additional use of medications or surgeries.


To learn more about this remarkable proven product we strongly recommend that you read all of our website to have a better understanding of your horses needs and to learn how other horse owners have dealt with the heartbreaking conditions our equine friends can be affected by.  Over the years we have compiled the information in this website about the products, how to use them, how they benefit, and how to care and maintain them. 


We are very pleased that you have found us, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us any time.  We are here to help you, help your horse!




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