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Norma & her horse - 05-10-2002


Hi Sid,

You may remember me - I'm the distraught owner from Ontario CDA. with the Horse who's eye was full of blood from the uveitis. I just wanted to give you an update on his condition.

From when I talked to you last - the main eye affected did stabilize and he regained some sight back in that he perhaps sees shadows. We were able to catch it quick enough in the good eye and it appears OK for now. The pupil in the bad eye never did react to the Atropine and still remains for the most part shut.  At the time when it appeared that nothing further was happening either good or bad - I had that big discussion with the Vets as to whether I keep him on the drugs or not.

Although I was given the "best medical advice" my Vet asked me what my gut feeling was and that I should go with that. He was taken off all drugs over a period of 7 days and wears only his mask. That was over a month ago. He goes out all day, sunny or not and has showed no signs of deterioration. I have only you to thank for that.


He is being ridden with the mask and has no problem with that.  He does however, find it difficult if there is a lot of rain as the eye pieces of the mask do hold water and seem to block all vision. Should that be the case however, they pull the mask off.

I wanted to say how much I appreciated the time you spent talking to me on the phone. At the time, you were the only positive input I received and I guess I clung to that and somehow it got us through. I have spread the word to as many who will listen. 

Once again....Thanks.
Norma McConaghy
Ontario Canada



Thank you Norma for your update and we wish you the best of luck with your horse.  His condition was indeed a difficult one and were very pleased to have heard the positive outcome.



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