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July 24, 2014 Lou and her horse "Peko"


Dear folks,


I just wanted to update you on my horse Peko’s progress with the Guardian Mask after a month’s use. Before the Guardian, I would feel so sorry for her each day because she would rub her itchy eyes and the regular fly masks just rubbed and irritated the eyes and literally come apart. I noticed improvement within a few days with the Guardian. She was still rubbing her eyes, but the frame kept her from being able to completely rub the eyes and the smooth surface of the Guardian further protected them. A week or so ago I started using some allergy eye drops, with approval of the vet, and I noticed even further improvement and comfort, with lessened itching and virtually no watery eyes.


She is quite comfortable with her Guardian and puts her head down for me to put it back on her after cleaning it.


We’re both really glad we found you!




PS: She wants to dress up as a witch for Halloween. We’ll use the Guardian and maybe put some paper eye lashes around it, a witch’s hat, and whatever else we can find in the costume box.


Greetings Lou,


Peko is picturesque!  We love the feather and her fiesta hat, she's a real doll.    We're also very happy that she is doing so well with the mask.   Feel Free to send us another photo of her Halloween Costume! 



Guardian Mask


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