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Dianne & her horse "Minty" - 04-29-2009






I purchased an Original Guardian Mask from you about 3 years ago, and I have to tell you it is the best thing that has worked for my severe headshaker.  All the vets she has seen have not seen such a bad case of it.


She is totally distressed through the summer months and is clearly photic related.  She is a lot better on duller days, however we believe that she also has allergic rhinitis as she is fine on sunny days through the winter months but she appears to be getting worse every year with it starting earlier each year.  


She's 15 now and developed this when she was 8, me and previous owners have tried absolutely everything other than the surgery which I do not want to try. we have tried antihistamine, various homeopathic & herbal remedies, nose net, turning her out at night and stabled during the day, which all helped reduce symptoms slightly.   She now also has a human steroid nasal spray for allergic rhinitis & this in combination with your Guardian Mask achieved amazing results last summer.


After about 1 month of being on the spray and wearing the mask during the day and removing it at night, I was able to leave her out all summer & ride her with almost no symptoms, it was such a relief after struggling for 3 years!   I do also believe that a contribution to her headshaking is due to vaccinations, she does have a suppressed immune system.  3 years ago she had a severe reaction to her combined flu & tet vaccine all her limbs swelled horrifically and only steroids helped take it away but the vet could not understand what had caused it as bloods came back negative for any virus.  It was only the next year she had her vaccination that she had a similar but less severe reaction that I realized that's what it was.  So she had no vaccinations for a couple of years and I think that's why she was so good with her headshaking last year.


I had her vaccinations again this year started a new course due to insurance policy enforcing them and she's never been so bad until this year!  Even with the spray & mask she is unable to be turned out on even the slightest of sunny days, but is on dull days but only with the mask.   So I have not had her 6 month vaccine and am not going to continue with them despite the insurance.   I have ordered a powerful immune boosting herbal remedy, continuing the spray and mask to see what I can do this year for her and hope next year will be better.  


I suppose what I am trying to say is that not only are there so many different causes for headshaking but so many can contribute for even the individual horse with the syndrome.  In my horses case I believe her immuno suppression to be the cause of the allergic rhinitis which is the cause of this photic sensitivity.  I suppose she is lucky to have an owner that is prepared to try everything possible where some would have had her put down due to the severity and potential danger when handling her.


Anyway, I bought an extra large 3 years ago which fits fine, I am just checking that the sizes are the same as they were then so I can order the Riding Mask.  Also, if I buy the nose piece will this attach to my Original Guardian Mask that I already have? If you would like any more info from me to pass on for research purposes or testimonials I will be more than happy to help.





Greetings Dianne,


Thank you so much for sharing your experience, It seems to be a struggle to keep your horse healthy and we are really pleased that the Guardian Mask is helping her.   Also thank you for the gorgeous pictures of Minty!


To answer your question about size, yes the sizes are still the same and it would also be the same for the Lightweight Riding and Racing Mask.  You can order size Extra Large.  


As for the Nose cover, if your mask has the tabs on the front then yes, the nose cover will attach.  The nose cover was discontinued at one point and we reintroduced it by popular demand, so an older mask may not have the tabs for attachment.


Thank you again, we value your input and so do other horse owners.


Guardian Mask

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