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Frances & her horse "Cinnamon" - 11-11-2004

Dear Sid,

I would like to thank you for all of your help and support when I called you after my horse, Cinnamon, was diagnosed with uveitis.  She had been suffering from runny, itchy, swollen eyes for almost two years.  Under the direction of her vet I had been treating her for allergies.  When the vet finally diagnosed her with uveitis, he wouldn't tell me exactly what uveitis was.   He looked at her swollen, runny eyes, did a quick dye test, and immediately told me that she had uveitis, sometimes called moon blindness. He said that it was a very bad thing to have and to just treat it as it occurred.  Several times I asked him to explain exactly what this disease was.  After my third request for an explanation he said, "It's very bad.  I don't want to see a grown woman cry.  Look it up online." 

As you can imagine, this was very distressing.  Fortunately, with the help of two very special friends, Judy and Jeannie,  we did our research online and discovered that this horrible disease has no known cure, is painful in daylight, and causes eventual blindness. The thought of Cinnamon being constantly in pain during daylight hours was devastating.   But, we also discovered that with a good maintenance program and some luck, the progression of eventual blindness may be slowed down. 

During the research process I noticed that the use of a Guardian Mask was mentioned in a few articles.  Lo and Behold....One article had a link to your website!  After reading every word and every testimonial, I gave you a call. Sid, you are an angel.  Finally I felt some hope.  You kindly spent a lot of time on the phone with me, answered many questions that I still had, and shipped a mask pronto.  I couldn't wait to put it on Cinnamon. 

Still, it was important to get an opinion from another vet.  With the help of Judy and Jeannie an appointment was arranged with their vet.  He did a thorough examination of both of Cinnamon's eyes and couldn't see any sign of damage in either eye.  They both looked perfect!  His diagnosis was that Cinnamon probably doesn't have uveitis.  The vet said that he wasn't 100% sure, however, since there was no damage the problem was most likely chronic conjunctivitis.  Irritation from dust and dirt.  He said that the Guardian Mask was great and that Cinnamon should continue wearing it as part of her maintenance program to keep her eyes free of debris.  Since then, there have been no new episodes of swollen, runny eyes.  She isn't in pain in the sunlight but she wears her mask everyday anyway (except when we're riding).


Sid, I want to thank you with all of my heart for your knowledge, help and compassion.  Without you and the Guardian Mask I believe that Cinnamon would still be suffering.  

Frances Raikow
Spring Valley, CA



Frances, thank you so much for sharing this with everyone.  We are so pleased to hear of your progress with Cinnamon and thrilled you were able to find Guardian Mask!


Guardian Mask

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