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Petra & her horse "Soldado" - 09-29-2000


"The back of thy horse will subject the world to thee, I will fashion it into a throne for thee,


whence thou shalt wield a sceptre of power, of joy, and of Freedom, such as is beyond thy expectation."


--Rudolf Binding



Dear Sid,


Enclosed some photo's of my horse Soldado ( a 6 year old Stallion ) and me doing a schooling session. " Sol" is wearing your mask, with 95% UV Protection for his left eye ( 80% for the normal right eye )  which had an enormously dilated pupil due to atropine treatment -while Sol had a small ulcer in that eye.   I have ceased the atropine treatment now and the pupil is slowly, but surely returning to normal. 


Today I exchanged the 95% "bug eye" for an 80%, Sol will wear his "Sunglasses" until the pupil is completely back to normal.  After that I intend to have Sol wear the mask on trail rides and in any situation where it could prevent problems, for instance during schooling sessions outside in the wind.   


Soldado and I are so grateful for your mask, because this way I could keep riding which kept him healthy in body and mind.   


Thank you!

Warm Regards,


Brewster, Massachusetts





Thank you Petra for sharing your experiences.  We look forward to hearing the ongoing positive progress!


Guardian Mask

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