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Betsy & her horse "Rosie" - 03-11-03 From New York

Hi Sid,


I am writing to tell you about the last few days with Rosie. I purchased a mask from you about 2 years ago when I realized I had a headshaker. When I tried the mask it didn't work.


I tried other things, acupuncture, cyproheptadine, and on and on. The one good thing from 2 years of observation is that she is totally healthy and happy and the vet that looked at her said she believes Rosie may have had nerve damage to her face at some point as she noticed scar tissue and she is totally freaked out when snow or rain hits her face.  She is mostly affected in the winter months.


The warmer months she grazes more and has that muzzle rubbing when her head is down along the ground. ( At least from what I have observed). I guess when you own a headshaker and you spend all your time trying to figure out what is causing it you learn much about your horse.  Well anyway I tried the mask on again a few times and about  a month ago I saw her in the field (without the mask) and she was squinting , as it was a bright sunny winter cold day.


So I figured I would go out and try it on her to help with the sun.  She still flipped her nose while dozing mid afternoon, but I knew it was at least helping her eyes.  So since then I would put it on her on very bright days. Well we have had much snow and wind and every day around the same time or if It was snowing , etc. she would flit like crazy. I noticed she would put her head under the edge of the barn roof to get out from the snow hitting her face. 


I realized if I could find something to cover her nose area it might help. We tried a cotton stocking attached to her halter but didn't help.  I noticed if it wasn't snowing or raining she would be fine in the early hours or later in the day, just a few when walking or a bit of wind.  So to make a long story short, for the last 3 days I put her guardian mask on with the face fly shield I ordered a while back.  I know it is very early but she is 90% better. I am usually at work during the week so I can't watch her but I was home today and only saw her flit 2 times.


I know she will always have this , but if she stays as she is this is truly wonderful.  Her mask is wearing so if she continues to stay as she has been , I will order another.  Does the riding mask have Velcro for the attachment?  If you have someone who has a horse with this type of headshaking due to nerve damage, please recommend they try covering the whole facial area. Maybe you can come up with one all in one piece in the future. 


Thanks again Sid, I did put the mask away when I first got it  and was sure it wouldn't help, I was glad I tried it again.  We will see how she progresses.    


Betsy and Rosie





Hi Sid,


Feel free to post her photo. I noticed yesterday she was shaking a bit and was rubbing but the mask is definitely helping so I am going to continue to keep her in it . Hope this may help some other horse lover.


Betsy and Rosie



Thank you Betsy for sending in your update, it is true that headshakers are very difficult to help and often time people give up one method to quickly change to another while become desperate to help their horse.  We are very pleased that you tried the Guardian Mask again and with positive results.


Many times people do not realize that every horse is different and the time frame in which it takes for each horse to begin to show results if any, differs as well.


Your comments are very well appreciated and will help others understand how to better cope with their own situations.


Thank you for sharing and the best of luck for you and Rosie.


Guardian Mask

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