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Shari & her horse "Count Shom" - 10-15-2000




I finally got some pictures of my beautiful Arabian gelding Count Shom, wearing his Guardian Mask . He's worn it for over 2 months now and the only flare-up he had was when I foolishly took it off of him for a day to see if he reacted anymore to the sun. BIG MISTAKE!


Fortunately, I put it back on him the next day and it cleared the cloudiness right up! I'm sold completely on your mask and would definitely recommend it to anyone who has my horse's problem, equine recurrent uveitis, to use this product because I truly believe your mask has saved my horse's sight! 


Thank you from the bottom of my heart Sid, Your generosity and caring have given my horse his old life back. He doesn't stand in the barn during the daylight hours anymore, and his eyes are bright and clear, no more squinting and tearing and cloudiness. In fact, I'm allowing my 2 1/2 year old son to ride him while being ponied (this is a horse I thought was at the end of his life, because I didn't want him to suffer through the debilitating loss of his sight, and putting him down was my only option I thought.)


I know this is long-winded but I want to convey how truly I am convinced you mask saved my horse's sight and ultimately his life! Please use me for a testimonial and post the pictures I will send you of my beloved Shom! 


Thanks Again Sincerely,


Shari Erickson

Hutchinson, Minnesota



We are very pleased you put the mask back on and made that decision.  Your thoughts of potentially having to put your horse down is unfortunately very common.  Many people are just now beginning to learn about the Guardian Mask products and their wonderful uses.  Thank you for sharing your story Shari.


Guardian Mask

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