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Robyn & her horse in Australia - 11-04-2005


Hi there from Queensland, Australia


I ordered your mask in January this year after a severe uveitis attack. I was amazed when Sid returned a message I had left at the time. He called me early the next morning and really made me feel a lot better and I really hoped his prediction that my horses white eye.. (it was completely white and the worst it had ever been) would eventually go away. It did.


I did as he said and had the shadecloth sewn onto the old fly mask while I waited for the mask to arrive from the US.


I have been amazed with the results. My horse hasn't had another attack since January when I got the mask, he wears it 24/7 and takes it off himself when it rains and always just before it is going to rain so I use him to predict the weather!


If you take the mask off and walk away he will chase you for it! If he loses it, he runs up the house until you go and find it. He really loves that mask and puts his head down for me to put it on etc. I am very vigilant that the mask stays on all the time so that has helped.


I was wondering if you could possible tell me a little about becoming a distributor however I realize this may only be relevant for vets etc. I wish more people including the vets here knew about this mask because I know in my case it should/could have been used a lot sooner. I hope others do their own research too and find you on a Google search just I did. The mask is the only item I have ever ordered from the US and I still smile when I think of how I found it.


Many thanks for your time, and a great product.




Robyn Kent


Thank you for the wonderful news and update Robyn. Send us a picture when you get a chance Robyn!   And to everyone in Australia, Robyn is our newest distributor!


Guardian Mask

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