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Deb & her horse "Jumpin' Jack Flash" 11-23-11

Jumpin’ Jack Flash is my first horse & my new best friend since July 2011. When... I call out to him in the pasture, he raises his head, & sometimes trots right up to me. Other times, he makes me walk to the far end of the pasture, & as soon as I get near him, he starts walking towards the gate. I walk beside him for awhile, & when he gets near the gate, he stops for his lead line. Jack Flash has uveitis & cataracts, but doesn’t let this slow him down much. His Guardian Mask provides protection for his eyes from the sun, dust, wind, & snow glare. Doesn’t he look like a handsome, young aviator?! If you LIKE our pic, please go to "Equus Now" Facebook page, "like" them & "like" our picture.





Greetings Deb,


What a cutie Jumpin' Jack Flash is Deb!   Thank you for the lovely picture, you're both lookin' fabulous!  We're delighted that the mask is working out for your boy.   He looks very happy and alert!    Good luck on the contest! 



Guardian Mask

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