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Hannah & her horse "Raffadoodle" - 08-17-2013


Raff  with  his  modified  Guardian Mask.   I  had  to  cover  all the edges

     with lambs wool due to the delicate thin skin that is typical of his breed.



I'm Hannah Zoe McCormick and I own my 19 year old rare breed Polish Warmblood, called Raffadoodle. He's my life really and so when he was diagnosed completely blind in his right eye, with a 2cm by 3cm cataract directly over his pupil, and only 40% vision in his left eye due to Glaucoma and the forming of a cataract, I was devastated.

He has always suffered with Uveitis and has therefore been using a fly mask in the bright summer's. I retired him upon diagnosis, and resigned myself to him having to live in his stable for the rest of his days. I did some research of his conditions and found the Guardian Horse Mask.

Raff has been going out in the field for four hours a day in his new mask and has given him a new lease of life. He's put weight back on and is happier in himself. We have been able to drop his pain medication which was controlling the inflammation in his eyes, which has benefited his stomach, due to the inflammation receding.

He's also had to have less drops fewer times a day which has greatly increased his chance of living a longer life. The mask has helped so much that I have even began doing some under saddle walking again, which ha increased his mobility and helped ease his arthritis.  While his condition will not get any better, this mask has slowed it down greatly, and even my vet cannot believe the results. I would one hundred and ten per cent recommend this mask to anyone who was having problems.

Thank you,
Hannah Zoe McCormick x


Hi Hannah!  Thank you so much for sharing your experience with Raffadoodle and his mask, we're just thrilled that he is doing so well, and even the vet being impressed was exciting for us too.  This is what we live for!    Great pictures too by the way, thank you again for sharing, we really appreciate it along with your support!

Guardian Mask

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