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Miracle Acres - 12-28-2002



I own Miracle Acres, a companion animal resource center in Friendship, WI. (flyer attached) I recently purchased my second Guardian Mask for another geriatric rescue horse with ERU.  Your product is truly a "Guardian". 


Our farm is a permanent home for 29 rescued animals - 10 of them equines.  I do farm tours and animal study groups and would like to have your literature to pass on to others who have horses with eye problems but no access to a computer.  Could you send me about 25 of your product brochure and anything else that you would like me to pass on?


Our 23 yr old ERU horse, Miracle, has been wearing your mask for 3 years. it saved him from surgery to remove a ruptured eye!  I would never have been able to keep his eye clean enough to avoid infection without your mask. I am so grateful for your product and the comfort it gives to these deserving animals.


Miracle's, mask has held up pretty good for 3 years even with daily washings. I have had to mend the mask part but the 95% eye covers are still like new. Would it be possible to get a replacement mask? I don't need the eye covers, only the basic 'frame', perhaps a customer had to return one that you could donate to Miracle.  His old mask is a size large.


Thank you so much for this great life saver and an opportunity to promote your product.


Miracle Acres

Gayle Easterly Shemezis

2002 7th Dr

Friendship, WI  53934

(608) 339-0050


We are pleased to hear that the product has helped Miracle and withstood the test of time and durability.   Thank you Gayle for also helping promote Guardian Mask products.  We look forward to further progress in the future.


Guardian Mask

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