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Debbie Webber & her horses "Nipper & Combo" - 09-13-2006

With Nipper (Aust) left and Combo (NZ) – my two Thoroughbred boys


My name is Debbie Webber from Victoria, in the South East of Australia, a  41-year old mother of two beautiful little girls aged 2 and 4  (OK – I left it late in life but I know a lot more now than I did then)! My passion in life is and always has been horses.


Born and brought up in the UK I never had the chance to indulge my passion as a youngster – where that passion came from nobody knows as my family are the least horsey people you could wish to meet. Nevertheless it is there and ingrained. I had the good fortune to accompany my wise parents to Australia to seek a better life and way of living when I was 17.


At 21 I discovered that horse ownership in Australia was a realistic and achievable dream. Since I purchased my first horse at 21 – a nightmare that was mis-matched to a novice such as myself from the onset – I have not lived without horses as a part of my life since.


As time has gone on, I have endeavoured to educate myself on all facets of the wonderful and fascinating world of horses. I am no world beating rider let alone a name anybody could spout as a matter of course when it comes to all things equine, however my love for animals is profound and sincere and I have yet to buy and then sell on any animal in the singular quest for the almighty gain of wealth. Instead I have battled on to enrich the life of all those animals that I have taken on except perhaps for that first mismatched mare that I sold simply because I didn’t know any better then. I never make the same mistake twice and have never sold a horse since then, choosing instead to deal with the circumstances I have myself knowingly encumbered myself with and then dealing with the pain of ‘the final decision’ when the time was right. Due to these things, I sleep well at night knowing I am doing my small part for the equine world.

Without describing every detail of my (for the most part) uneventful life, I now live in a beautiful part of the world, with my partner and soul mate John who I also met when all else seemed hopeless, two beautiful and healthy children and my horses, dogs, cow and birds. Apart from the introduction of children recently, and moving to a new property that needed a heck of a lot of work, life has been a pretty hard road over the last five years or so and I have learnt more in this time about my animals than I have since I had my first mare delivered to me when I was 21.


My eldest daughter Kimberley with her pony Fritz…..and his Guardian Mask


My penchant for living life a little dangerously lured me to the Thoroughbreds. My first Thoroughbred was my biggest challenge and was afflicted with all manner of ‘cons’ one could wish for from the great list of Pros and Cons. After only a year of ownership, he ripped a third of his near-fore hoof off on a fence (the hoof remnants were found hanging on the fence a few days later – coronet band and neat white hair line intact). Needless to say, in spite of all the advice on putting him down, what followed were a few intense years of care and what I refer to as the ‘roller-coaster factor’!  I now challenge any vet worldwide to apply a poultice and hoof dressing as quickly or as effectively as I can under any conditions!!! Plus I can spot a very vaguely lame horse at 500 meters at first glance!!!


With this particular horse, who sharply educated me on all the terrible things a horse could do if he felt the need, I rose to the challenge, albeit nervously on each occasion and met that same challenge head on. I learnt a lot and this dear old soul became a good friend, even if he was a useless one in terms of joyous returns! After seven years of battling with a crippled foot, bare hoof care set me on the path to putting things right and things are presently progressing in an astounding fashion.


BUT THEN… after a few years of weeping eyes and me thinking the flies were to blame and eventually seeking out an Ophthalmologist as a last resort, my little friend was diagnosed with Uveitis in BOTH eyes as well as deep corneal ulcer as well in the one eye. It would have been the easiest thing in the world to have the vet out to put him to sleep and a lot cheaper than the route I decided to take. Trawling the Internet late at night after punching ‘Uveitis’ into the search engine didn’t really resolve the anguish I was feeling nor give me much hope with the prognosis.

With an eye condition that held many opinions, both professional and amateur as to the causes and treatments, I was left stumped. The ulcer was treatable so long as I upheld the strict eye drop regimen administered and the price of an operation (HUGE) avoidable, so I doggedly adhered to these instructions to the letter until the ulcer cleared. But the Uveitis? I accepted there was no known cure as yet for this disease so I began to seek alternatives to simply manage the condition as best I could.


Following link after link that I explored with all the gusto of a young and eager intern, I finally hit on the Guardian Mask website. I knew straight way I had found the tool I required to manage the condition my Thoroughbred had. My sense of logic tells me that if I had sore eyes, either from an eye infection or foreign body or (perhaps welding without a welding mask), then would I go to the toyshop and purchase a children’s pair of sunglasses for perhaps $2.00 to combat the UV rays that caused further pain and triggered further discomfort.

No, I’d be off shopping around for sunglasses that offered the highest form of UV protection I could find. Most upright people on this planet are well aware of the perils of UV exposure and we act accordingly to protect ourselves and our children from it’s harmful effects. Why should our horses not benefit from this also? I have tried every mask under the sun (excuse the pun) in my years of owning horses and they have all been ineffective in design and function but when my Guardian mask arrived, my first impression was of a quality made and sturdy product that was functional and served it’s intended purpose extremely well.


My horse has not been without his mask during daylight hours since and the effects of his affliction have ceased to cause concern for the time being. I am in no way advocating that this is a replacement for good veterinary care – a good vet and farrier are priceless commodities in our equine world. However it is effective as an aide in the treatment of eye diseases whatever the other chosen methods of treatment may be, whether that be veterinary care, herbal remedies, Witchcraft or Voodoo! The product is well made, sturdy and functional and the very reason I approached Guardian to inquire about being a distributor for their product.


With Australia’s harsh climate I felt it was necessary for horse owners here to have ready access to a quality product such as this one, for those like myself  unfortunate enough to have horses afflicted with eye problems. It is a perfect tool – not a cure-all – but definitely a well-designed management solution and one that I use vigilantly and with confidence.  Due to the distance between Australian and the US I can only hope that by distributing this wonderful product for Guardian here, I am able to give Australian horse owners that are  struggling to cope with eye problems, a new avenue to explore in their endeavours to keep their equine companions comfortable. As horse lovers, that is the very least we can do for the creatures that quietly and graciously lend so much joy, beauty and enrichment to our lives.


PS: Who says Guardian Masks are just for horses anyway?


Debbie Webber

Victoria, Australia



Welcome aboard Debbie!

Thank you so much for sharing your experiences, your family, and such wonderful information. We eagerly look forward to helping our Aussie friends and are so pleased to be working with such a conscientious and loving horse owner, and cow!  What a surprise!


Guardian Mask

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