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Pam & her horse "Taproot Spitfire" - 03-27-2001 + Update 12-11-2001


I stood beside my beautiful chocolate chestnut Morgan looking into a big pool of liquid brown eye feeling exhilaration.  It is normal!! It is healed!!  Thank you God, I can feel it is true!   I knew that my horse was whole and healthy again and I was compelled to write this story.   It was the least I could do for my hero. But first things first --he wants his carrot!


Taproot Spitfire is an imp and he never lost that quality throughout his 4 year battle with a severe case of uveitis.  I will never forget bringing him in from the pasture one day and his eye was swollen and tearing.  Thinking it was an injury, I immediately called my vet.  We treated the eye with an antibiotic for a period of time and it cleared up.   "No problem now" I thought, and went on with life as usual. 


Two months later the same eye swelled and the vet told me on the phone to examine the eye and if the pupil did not respond to light and was smaller than the other to let her know before she came out, that we may be dealing with a larger problem than previously thought.  Sure enough, with a sinking feeling, and with a voice in my head saying "hang on Pam," I observed just the condition she had described.   I still didn't know why or what to call it but I was full of dread.


She arrived in 20 minutes, examined his eye and pronounced that we were dealing with Uveitis as if she expected my knowledge of horses to include that term.   Well it did not, and when I asked her to explain, her next words were "moon blindness".  "What's the big deal" I wondered, I have a friend with a horse that has it and I never saw any problem.  She went on to explain that it is an autoimmune disease and that the body sees the eye as a foreign object and rejects it.  This causes flare-ups and eventual blindness. Then I saw the problem but, being an optimist I knew that this would probably be the last time this happens as she said some cases are less active than others.


She said it is usually seen in older horses and although many do go blind, they are usually past their prime and into old age,  I thought, "Fire is only 5 and very healthy so it certainly wont be a problem."  I was not prepared for what was to come.


Fire's eye was treated 4 to 6 times a day with a steroid ointment and Bute twice a day.  When the treatment period was finished he was weaned off all meds and I was relieved to get that over with!  Now on with life again.  Right? Wrong!!!  He soon had repeated flare-ups and the vet said he needed to be on steroids every day for the rest of his life.   At this point after consulting with the vet we decided that he should go to Tufts University in Mass. for an examination by an ophthalmologist. 


So, off we went, my friend and I , and little did I know that this "Journey" would be much more extensive than a couple of hours in the trailer.  Both eyes were examined by the wonderful staff there and I was told that his left eye was definitely active but his right eye was also involved.  He had never had an active flare-up in the right eye but there were changes indicating that the disease was there.  "Face it"  The vet said kindly, " he will eventually go blind" Every nerve in my body screamed "Oh no he won't"!!!


I calmly accepted what the Dr. was telling me but inwardly I knew I was not going to let that happen at any cost.  Not my beautiful Morgan that had been my buddy since he was 8 months old.


The "Journey" that I eluded to earlier had begun.  I started reading everything I could about this curse.  It had become the enemy and I was at war!

My thoughts "naturally" turned to alternative medicine and I called a dear friend that is a trigger point myotherapist for horses.  My intent was to support him and help balance his immune system.  She found several places in his body that were blocked and we set up  appointments on a regular basis.  She told me about a homeopathic doctor from another state that works over the phone and had helped her horse.  I called him and set up a program with him that would also support my horse and we worked together with every flare-up, giving Fire homeopathic remedies.


I believe that if the body is given a chance it will heal itself.  I called another vet that does chiropractic and acupuncture.  She worked with him on a regular basis and at times worked with the myotherapist.


I wanted to rid Fire's body of any additives and toxins and was led to a company that developed free choice vitamins and minerals.  I made them available to Fire along with feeding him corn, oats, and barley instead of the commercial grain he had been fed in the past.  


With my vet's approval we started taking blood and running titers instead of vaccinating every season.  I stopped giving him deworming medication and instead  have stool samples run every couple of months.  He has been parasite free for 2 years.


About a year ago I ordered a mask called Guardian that had been developed for horses with eye problems.  It is a wonderful mask with removable eye cups.  The cups include an 80% UV ray protection, a 95% ray protection and a leather patch that can be inserted when total darkness is required.  He wears the 95% cups every day during daylight hours.  If he has a flare-up I insert the leather patch which protects his eye from light while he is turned out in the pasture.  I have been very pleased with this mask and I believe it has played a great part in our success with this disease.


A.B.C., the company that I buy his vitamins from has developed a feed called Master Jack for horses with Uveitis.  After reading the literature on it I decided that it would  be the perfect feed for Fire as it has everything in it to support the immune system.  He has been fed Master Jack for 4 months now.  Considering all  the steps I had taken to support this horse, this seemed to be the one last thing I could do to perfect his regimen.  


The full moon on the winter solstice occurred on Dec. 22, 1999.  It was the brightest moon in over 100 years.  Spitfires eye flared up on Dec. 21st and it continued for 7 days.  He had never been in so much pain and I could do nothing except treat it with anti-inflammatory and antibiotic drops because along with the flare-up he had a tiny ulcer.  I could not use his steroid drops as they would prevent healing.


And now for our miracle!! Yes the introductory paragraph is true!   On New Years Day 2000, I wondered if his ulcer was healed and I could continue with the steroid drops.


Not only was the ulcer healed, but a miracle had happened.  The thick white line of scar tissue that had formed across his pupil through the years, obstructing his vision, had completely disappeared!!!   His eye looked 100% normal and he seemed to have normal vision in it.  I started laughing and crying and hugging his neck.  He seemed to understand as he nuzzled me.  We had done the impossible and saved him from a life of blindness.


When I started writing this it was September 3, 1999.  I woke up at 3am that morning and had a compelling urge to write Spitfire's  story.  I got up, made a cup of coffee, and started writing.  I started the first paragraph with the happy ending that I could only dream of at that point because he was still having severe bouts with Uveitis.  My purpose was to record for my own records all the methods of treatment I had used.  


Deep within me I must have known that I could finish the story this way, proving that if the body is only supported and believed in , it will heal itself.   I believe that with answered prayers comes a responsibility.  If I ask for a healing and it is given, then I want to share it with all the countless horses and their people that are suffering through  this disease.  When I was making all the changes in his life, I did not really see the pattern.  It was not a plan, it just fell into place as I learned.   If Spitfire's experience can help just one horse we will be grateful.


March 17, 2001.  I would like to update you on what has happened since I wrote this story.  I was not feeling comfortable about claiming a cure to the world until I had some proof.  Well, I have it!!   An ultrasound of his eye that is completely normal,  I was told by the veterinarian that read it that if he did not know he was looking at an eye with Uveitis he would never have guessed!  He has gone one full year and 3 months with no bouts of the disease except one very slight one in November of 2000.   After 4 years of bouts every 5 or 6 weeks.


He still wears his Guardian mask every day from 5 am until it is dark.  I use the 95% shades all the time to protect him from the intense light. I am confident turning him out no matter how bright.  He will always wear a Guardian Mask -- the work Guardian says it all!!!   Thank you Sid for being there with your wonderful mask.  


I pray with this story I have given some insight and hope.


Pam Blasavage

Naugatuck, CT

Update 12-11-01


For 3 years now by using the Guardian Mask and Master Jack Feed, we have gone without Uveitis. I am still very pleased of the success and my horses eyes are perfectly clear without a sign of any problems and he has regained full eye sight.


Pam Blasavage



Taproot Spitfire is looking great!  Thank you for sharing your wonderful heartwarming story Pam, we are very pleased to hear from you, even more so to hear of the positive progress.



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